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Special fare seizes the opportunity to should have been hit " before battle "
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The basis concerns orders provision: Accompany the special fare such as passenger of children, ill incomplete, pregnant woman, blind, deaf person or convict without the adult, accord with carrier of carrier rated condition, classics to agree with Fangke to carry beforehand only, and the passenger that contagion person, madman or healthy circumstance may endanger oneself or other fare security, carrier does not grant acceptance of consignment.

Special fare seizes the opportunity to must want to show his circumstance and demand to airline as early as possible, on one hand airline should decide whether external condition can be received, acceptance of consignment, on the other hand airline should have proper preparative time. For example, yinchuan river east the airport is with the airbus 320 and the plane such as Duonier is main type, when facing passenger of a litter, many Ni Erfei machine because engine room is more cramped and cannot acceptance of consignment, and empty guest 320 planes although but acceptance of consignment, but airline must shift to an earlier date to lose cabin seat according to the circumstance discharge except 3-4, in order to puts litter passenger. Accordingly, while special passenger seizes the opportunity to also want the latest to dealing with airline ticket formalities, get in touch with aircraft crew, had done the preparative work before receiving to time of staff member put apart.