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Marine baggage shifts goods whole strategy
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Land in you above all when, li Qing sheet runs after custom personnel wants those who check you, the current detailed account that can give you a piece of custom next is added above, want the stamp that built custom certainly.

The time that spent left and right sides of a month about (the date that delivers goods from you calculates case) , your baggage was gotten on for, at that time, freight company of Canada is answered telephone inform you, can call to you above all (the phone of the friend of the Canada of the obligate when you are delivering goods) , the baggage that informs you is about to arrive or had arrived, can want to fax a phone with you next, send you the thing such as Zhang sheet, basically have Peralert, invoice Cod, arrangenments For Personal Effects Shipments, who is the business delegate that there is money of your this sheet above, phone how many, how much is the fee that you should pay, predict to reach date, storehouse is over there, involve connection with that sea, more or less is the phone waited a moment, after you receive these, want to call your business delegate, be in because of my freight company Wengehua, so my phone was expended many, you should confirm all information with her, and ask him provide information of number of their bank Zhang, must want to obtain bank Zhang order, account name, firm address, account is in a letterhead, substantially collects fees is to press dollar plan, I am the collection that do not have sheet, odd without pick up the goods, need company is offerred, collecting fees is 45 dollars add many bits of 20 dollar about, in all 70 dollars left and right sides, if you are in a bank to do not have dollar door, and the dollar wants pocket money, bad to do, accordingly, in demand bank account information while, put forward in order to add yuan pay, let them offer a dollar to be opposite add yuan exchange rate, if can, will all information undertakes affirming with email. After waiting for business to affirm on behalf of the letter in reply, you can pay.

The proposal will pay information is written on a piece of small brief note, undertake payment to your bank, if cannot pay, look for company of a freight to open an account the local branch of travel paid directly with cash, without poundage, I open an account in Caesarean bank, freight company is in Td bank, I looked for bank of a Td to pay the money.

After paying a money, about ten minutes of the other side can receive gathering information, remember, the payment that must hit a phone to affirm you the other side was received, if the answer is affirmative, the other side can send a fax to you again, the custom you connects the data that pass and sheet of pick up the goods to be sent to you. At that time you can declare at customs engaging the load, your goods can keep freely in storehouse 5 days, every exceed a day to receive 30 yuan after (really black) so you should offer goods as early as possible.

After getting these things, search to the home carries a company or look for a driver on newspaper, if baggage is little, look for a Van enough, I am the master worker that sought last name of a Guo, peking Man, master of Guo of discovery of after the event is planted to this really business is very familiar, he receives you first, take you to go custom declares at customs, goods yard pick up the goods, sending you to come home, do not be in charge of carrying, received me 40 yuan, it is those who compare petty gain. After connection is good, carry your passport, emigrant paper, carry after detailed list, customs declaration, promote the thing such as indenture, going to the airport one of these day the custom around declares at customs, canadian custom is really pretty good, serve for people heart and soul, arrived after custom queue up first, when after you, pass all data go up, tell him this is private article, he can ask you a few questions, it is all baggage, the banned article such as weapon, wine, cigarette is had in baggage. Carry indenture upper cover in yours next chapter, keep detailed account of baggage of the carry after your customs declaration is mixed.
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