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Study abroad how to select airline
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If want to reach the school directly, it is in order to choose the route with least dot of a favourable turn normally optimal, will can reduce the time of the flight, 2 come but the probability that low baggage loses.

In the student studying abroads that the door goes abroad at the beginning of this special still proposal, the map of the airport had better be arrived at to data center photocopy before travel, reach its circumjacent and street graph, in addition the passenger directory that inquires this airport, yi Ke earmark breaks out the measure of meet an emergency of the state.

The edge plays an edge to go to the school: If you reach the school directly, arrangement travels on the way or visit close friends, the airline of the choice, it is the person that with having flying boat you book the place that keep is first consideration, if international cannot be received continuously,be in booked airport, also want arrangement to arrive at the person that the airline that there is collaboration inside territory can receive berth, just won't because change again and again plane, cause baggage to consign difficulty, or it is time of a favourable turn insufficient and the appearance that misses a flight. In addition, can mix before make out an invoice buy on sb's behalf the travel agent of airline ticket discusses first-rate scheduling, sometimes the place of domestic line anchor relatively a long time, still can save travelling expenses with the way that buys travel ticket.

Confirm a seat number: Here special remind is, before 3 days when set out still must call to determine a seat number to airline, otherwise your seat number is probable because never affirm, and be cancelled automatically by airline, travelling especially busy season, more want tread lightly, just won't " carelessness breaks Jing Zhou " , will good grab easiness seat number not easily, submissively lets a person.