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Deal with notarization going abroad to be not gotten cursorily
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Different country and purpose need different notarization

Notarial personnel reminds an applicant: Just seek advice outwards first clear and unfavorable entrust intermediary orgnaization to deal with notarization

▲ reader Mr Zhao: I am college graduate already this city dweller of 5 years, dealing with now go to the United States to study abroad formalities, the other side asks I am dealt with be born, record of formal schooling, achievement, did not suffer criminal punish, job to experience notarization; At the same time my mother plans to go to Canada visitting my elder sister, what notarization does the need when knowing visa deal with? Still these notarization should be dealt with?

■ occupied reporter of your utterance column: Go abroad deal with what notarization, decide by purpose going abroad and the country that head for. Generally speaking, study abroad at one's own expenses should do notarization of record of formal schooling, report, diploma to wait; Visit one's family should do marital notarization or relative relation notarization; Resident should do be born, relation of marital status, relative, did not suffer criminal punish notarization; Seek duty to want to do notarization of title of him experience, technology.

The greffier that is in according to Tianjin city notarization introduces: Apply the applicant with afore-mentioned civil and notarial concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, in offer written application while, must want to refer this person Id or booklet of registered residence; Need the notarial writ original that has legal sense, him report that issues like diploma, diploma, marriage certificate, school; Management department of place unit archives (branch of human affairs, organization, labour and capital) the proof letter that as notarial as application item concerns in issued him record, do not have working unit, should be in a branch by him archives (government of the street agency of talent communication center or census register seat, villages and towns) issue a proof; Issued applicant had not gotten door of the Ministry of Public Security the proof of criminal punish. Afore-mentioned proof letters should come to notarial place to ask for before application notarization. Partial notarization item if record of formal schooling, degree, experience, marry reach those who be used at the United States, France, Thailand to use to be born notarization still need to offer individual near future photograph of 2 inches of without hat.

The controller of working government office reminds notarization of bureau of town administration of justice the applicant notices:

The country that 1. heads for as a result of the applicant the different, purpose that go abroad the school or scientific research orgnaization are different, different, formalities of the notarial deed sort that its ask to offer, translation, attestation and carbon amount also differ somewhat. Him applicant had better be before dealing with notarization going abroad accordingly after as square as foreign diplomatic mission and school or it is clear that the intermediary orgnaization outside region seeks advice, deal with concerned notarization again.
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