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Beijing is gone to flower check-up note
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1. need not make an appointment, but should be in in the morning 8:00-10:0The 0 check-up that get are expressed, do not go late.

2. is in in peace on the side of the hospital, 104(is fast) on the station.

Him 3. carries a pen, should fill in a lot of things. Carry a passport, when giving or take an injection, the doctor should check the photograph on your passport (perhaps Id also goes) . Even 2 pieces of 2 very little photographs, but used 1 piece only actually.

4. did not have a meal to go in the morning. Whole process is very speedy, do morning calm. Transcendental blood type, again exsanguinate, still have electrocardiogram, x ray, when making groovy inspection, the project on the watch is very much, but actually, listened to heartbeat and volume blood pressure only. Give or take an injection finally, I hit 2 needles, but some people hit 3 needles however, do not know why, you send a Huang Benben after be being hit.

5. result has wanted left and right sides of a chapel to come out, the staff member when getting check-up to express can give you a requisition. Laughalittle netizen complement explains: (the information that acknowledgment provides) the first, place: Do mouth of 104 express Jiang Zhai to get off, be on 100 meters or so again forth, be.

If by subway, get off in stable door, give northeast opening. Gave station opening, toward right (I.e. Toward north) , visit two stations, the traffic light that sees Jiang Zhai opening is gone to right turn. Go forth all the time. [The proposal makes 104 express train or bus, otherwise should walk along a lot of]
The doorway is hanging discrepancy condition to examine the bronze medal of quarantine bureau, although not marked, but still can look saw. Especially, in the doorway somebody can give the conduct propaganda of your flying airline ticket data, reckon this person often is over there, rained yesterday, he does not leave post!

Carry article:

Photograph (two pieces) , pen, passport (Id, both is chosen one can, the doctor just is in exsanguinate when the passport that sees me) .


285.9 yuan. Be in with me with a tick go up the fund that see is different, ask a doctor, it is vaccinal that the doctor says different. Do not have a mistake anyway (because fill out a form, the family asks, "Do you go? Oh, england. Study abroad? Oh, study abroad. " ) , cheap. I like.


Here cite the card of Queena " plunge into blood group of stitch finger test first; Exsanguinate assay (plunge into arm) ; Jacket of upgrade put down does electrocardiogram (as be done in the school) ; Groovy check-up (height, weight is waited a moment, and, let yourself newspaper. The funniest is, do not check even eyesight, also let yourself say. Achromatopsia, anomalous trichromatism also says by yourself) ; X light is clairvoyant; Finally is a grand opera, made two needles vaccine (diphtheria and hives, the needle of diphtheria aches to now) . The needle of diphtheria aches to now) ..
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