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The airport seizes the opportunity to need to know
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Buy a ticket to need to know:

1. decides: People assigned aborad flies as scheduled to assure, had better decide face to face to airline booking office, the airliner seat that plans to take like you is full already, change time impossibly again, you can apply for to label backup, midday of before two the world buys a ticket to booking office.

2. buys a ticket: After the seat that decide appropriate, should hold the passport, visa, purchases airline ticket to use only foreign currency proof that decides a sheet, check, Bank of China to issue by time limit, at one's own expenses person still need to take photocopy of advice note of enter a school, unit recommendation, orgnaization of examine and verify proves, the Bank of China buys a ticket to prove (usable RMB proves) and foreign currency, go abroad at one's own expenses (study abroad or visit his family) the person that buy airline ticket of airliner of international of Chinese civil aviaton, should deciding only when declaring is to go abroad at one's own expenses, can enjoy certain discount. But if go to the United States, canada must take off in the plane before 21 - 7 days of decided at the higher level but not officially announced and buy a ticket, cannot enjoy a discount otherwise, after buying a ticket together cannot change the date or change airliner, press processing of return a ticket otherwise, if want to collect the fee of return a ticket of 50 % because of reason return a ticket, it is clear to must enquire when buying a ticket so.

Send a Li Xu to know:

One, about baggage

If use new boot, ten million should retain boot feature, color and measure, when getting luggage otherwise, meeting boundless and indistinct does not know how to search absently. Each airline can provide baggage name, ask a client to write address of sth resembling a net of the first line of a couplet on a scroll and telephone call, once lose, airline but according to baggage name, remand baggage. If what you use boot unusual in a popular style, affix marked paster or the proposal can be on baggage is strung the handkerchief of a design and color, so that search baggage.  

1) consign baggage: Portable consign baggage two, summation of two impediment measure must not exceed 106 inches (269 centimeter) , among them any one must not exceed 62 inches (158 centimeter) , every weight must not exceed 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms) .  

2) portable baggage: Portable portable baggage, dimension must not exceed 45 inches (158 centimeter) , weight must not exceed 50 pounds (22.67 kilograms) . The proposal in portable baggage includes following goods: Change wash underwear, medicines and chemical reagents of address book of traveller's check and cash, passport, I-20, individual, individual, paper, pen, latex, protect lipstick, invisible the paper of glasses liquid medicine, glasses, face, recreation that reachs goof things. The schoolboy should carry a razor, rectify appearance at any time.
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