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Take wine to board the plane have formulary set limit to two bottles of beards a
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Zheng Wei of reporter of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad article of our newspaper reporter reports " I think the Spring Festival take some of foreign wine to come home by air, do not know to be no good all right? " yesterday, in passenger incoming telegram, this kind of advisory phone is very much. Shenzhen airport installs check to stood to all make detailed reply to this about chief.

"The passenger must not carry wine kind (bottled, canister is installed) . If need to carry truly, must not exceed 2 bottles every time each (1 kilogram) , and must deal with consign, the beard that pack accords with civil aviaton to carry a provision, this is civil aviaton total bureau released on Feburary 5, 2003 " strengthen management about carrying liquid state article to take civil aviaton plane to the passenger " the specific provision that wine carries to board the plane to the passenger in announcement. " it is reported, be in spring carry the first day, 67 going along with carry wine kind the passenger of article did not stipulate by civil aviaton conduction baggage is consigned in inspection of Baoan airport security by fish, nearly by accident machine. Among them 45 passengers were dealt with 2 times consign, experienced safe examination twice; Because 13 passengers do not have time to consign can keep wine of short duration at installing check only, must get inside 7 days; How are 6 passengers checked to go out when taking wine, broadcast already informed his is last personnel that has not boarded the plane, abandon carrying to can catch up with place to must choose by the airliner; 3 passengers journey by by accident, caused bigger loss.