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Introduce a few kinds of privilege to buy the way of airline ticket
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Channel of xinhua net Zhejiang report will be a travel at present October 21 is off-season, airline can offer a few favourable products to attract passenger source mostly, the reporter consulted booking office of airport of Hangzhou desolate hill yesterday, the other side says, there basically are the following kinds of favourable products now.

Buy ticket privilege ahead of schedule: Partial airline offers the airline ticket that buys this airline ahead of schedule, can enjoy the measure of certain privilege. Shift to an earlier date 45 days to buy a ticket for instance, buy the 4 airline ticket that lose the left and right sides likely.

Buy privilege of couplet Cheng airline ticket: Partial airline is right buy Cheng of this company couplet product or multistage the passenger of couplet Cheng, offer certain privilege. Buy round-trip airline ticket at the same time for instance, the economic manifest Cheng that buys opener than at that time sale likely is favourable the airline ticket of 5 percent.

Special status passenger is favourable: Partial airline rolls out family of teachers and students, medical personnel, newly-married, wait from retiree, soldier, police, officeholder, athlete, journalist, model worker buy airline ticket, can enjoy the measure of certain level privilege.

Specific period is favourable: Specific airline rolled out favourable product in specific period. Be in for instance on October 10 - the fare that Hangzhou buys to fly to Shenzhen to go back and forth between airline ticket during October 28, if be the plane that takes Shenzhen airline, can enjoy 4 lose privilege going there and back.

Specific line is favourable: Specific airline basis the diverse demand of each course, roll out favourable product, for instance this week Hangzhou offers a few 5 airline ticket that lose the left and right sides to the airliner of Chongqing, hangzhou offers a few 4 airline ticket that lose the left and right sides to the airliner of Chengdu.