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Go on a journey takes good meet an urgent need " small 3 appearance "
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Go outTravelNo matter want more to help somebody attain his aim, the small state that has an accident possibly happens. Accordingly, besides necessary clothings, medicaments, still should take meet an urgent need " small 3 appearance " .

Achieve can stick

Besides can nurse small cut, achieve can stick still have a few otherer magical function.

Time of postscript hill ford grew, ShoeGrind a foot very easily, can stick in the place that grinds a foot achieve can stick, the feeling will be a lot of more comfortable.

Carsick tourist, can search before start off pieceGinger, with achieve can stick stick on navel, precaution is carsick quite effective.


Go out dip of on the belt one pyxis became nice the absorbent cotton of alcohol, the effect of urgent disinfection can have when go on a journey gets hurt. And outer have a meal, tourist most of fear is dietetic hygiene, before have a meal, with alcohol absorbent cottonTablewareBrush, the place that perhaps washs his hands in inconvenience is used brush a hand, affirmation can reduce you to produce the odds of diarrhoea.


Pull not carefully when the dress defeat or knapsack belt accident was broken, hussif can give big help go up. And when the flowers and trees that the hand that becomes you is taken to prick is plunged into, the needle that has ironed with lighter can treat as those who find fault " operation appliance " with. As to the blister that goes on the foot, need a needle to carry more broken, lest the case is more and more severe.