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Go what should Tibetan travel notice?
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Much traveler is cherished to Tibet a few close to the fear at superstition, always want to take some of equipment to let his become safer more, it is needless actually.

The baggage that in Tibet the journey carries has been jumped over lesser, but must use quite. Heavy blanket roll is being borne on highland is a very great burden. The principle that carries article is light, practical. Be like likely, the thing that does not want a not need carries highland on the back, make full use of the establishment that place offers and service. Additional, considering often mobile, baggage also does not exceed two.


The difficulty of the place that you plan to go decided the size of knapsack. The place that you should go to if is more out-of-the-way, perhaps participate in a few field activities, if turn of and so on of divine hill, pedestrian by holy lake bivouac, so one big one small two knapsack should be more logical choice. False except long-distance travels, do not need a more than 45 litres knapsack.

Some traveler habit leads waist pack, careful in town, do not put pocket at the back of of the body.


The area that air temperature whole of Tibet is the same as latitude than inland is a lot of smaller, the area that unplugs in mountain pass and high of great capacity especially, and wind is big, what pluvial snow comes is abrupt, the dress that gives a ride brought not little trouble.

It is necessary that so eider down is taken, unless you plan only,go in 78 month noise made in coughing or vomiting of Lhasa, day attends a group to swim. Even if the most burning hot summer, the place waits in the Himalayas area and A, control in 0 ℃ in the evening commonly, mountain pass region is colder. In the meantime, difference in temperature of downy area day and night is big, even if is in annual the warmest season, morning and evening when weather is colder still. If basically be in area of river valley of elegant rice huller activity, wear an eider down vest or sweater, again cold when add a waterproof and windbreak coat to also can cope with the past.

If go Tibet pedestrian or mountain-climbing, still should prepare an underwear that discharge sweat. Outdoors, sweat is stuck on the body is very troublesome, and the quantity of heat that it can take away a body quickly to go up, this is very dangerous.

Additional, of heat preservation catching sweat shirt also is indispensable.

Systemic equipment, include jacket, trousers, shoe to should have waterproof quality. 78 months of Tibet, want to rain every day almost, the water proofing property of dress is bad, it is really dare not imagine. In monsoon, lhasa area is nightly much urgenter rain, and the rainfall of the area such as Lin Zhi wants more often a lot of.

Sleeping bag

7, the duck's down sleeping bag that will carry a 1 kilogram August is enough and warm. Should buy cloth with soft nap of 80 % above, the bulk after compressing is more alarming than great vase coke how many, carry very convenient. If still be disrelished big, can compress with belt compress, still can reduce 1 / again the bulk of 3.
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