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Travel issue
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By at often have tourist property is stolen or the accident lays the condition of baggage losing, make originally happy journey cheats a shadow, had better notice the following so, avoid the happening of similar incident.
Of valuable custodial
Some traveler are graph two tactics relaxed, the habit tastes vade mecum a place of strategic importance to be in thunder bag or haversack. You might as well put the fundamental goods such as traveller's check in close-fitting inside in bag, or the lumbar bag that tailor can fasten on the waist, and branch office is placed. And back outside is to used gotten pocket money that day only can; Remember gold never be being shown white.
When shift note
Get ready from armour ground when you when baggage prepares to head for second ground, want to remember baggage cannot leaving the line of sight absolutely. No matter be,go up toilet, even if time is brief also cannot lay aside baggage aside. Additional, have dinner or going up is the easiest and lax when coffee hall when, but the limits of line of sight that also does not let baggage leave you.
When building the train or fair car more want beware of, when taking night train especially, want baggage lock, had better secure at the same time in a certain place.
The note when accommodation
Cannot believe the use of room door lock too, valuable still wants to be carried. Live to should take care more especially when party room or Wei Yu's public room, although just leave, valuable still must be carried. Whether does the thing that link up with should affirm to go up first when use comfort station or bathroom have by the person anxiety from the spirit away in the ceiling or aperture.
In case on unfortunate experience when
If the circumstance of all sorts of this attentions noticed, when still happen to be stolen or losing a business, not flurried, besides avowed outside pouring lintel, the first pace calls the police first namely, ask local police to issue lose, the certificate that is stolen. Because this is,handle the necessary document of manage compensate application or new hairpin.
When passport losing
The unit outside be stationed in to local our country instantly applies for to reissue. Also must know the diplomatic unit of local country additionally.
Application reissues must prepare
1, photograph 2 pieces (4. 5 centimeter X3. 5 centimeter) .
2, certificate of have things stolen.
3, passport number, issue date to reach distribute the land. Because answer,be in case the state when afore-mentioned incident happen, had better carry photograph and passport image so this (keep dispersedly) .
Traveller's check (T / C) when losing
Can arrive issue bank, branch or Cooperation Agency application to reissue. Application reissues the file is
1, certificate of have things stolen;
2, T / C buys certificate (the bank when buying traveller's check can give copy, must keep additionally) ;
3, number of C of untapped T / (the nature when reissueing is to issue untapped the share, when using traveller's check so, the habit that best nurturance logs onto, additional also the habit of nurturance chalk it up. When application must honesty is declared) . Of T / C reissue to need 2-3 day normally.
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