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Chengdu travel is distributing center central spring carry does not rise in pric
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By me the province concerns a provision, this year spring during carry, fare of line of class of common passenger transport does not rise, and because carry out a government to coach valence can be on fiducial value basis of the regulation,passenger transport of train in excess specified length, high speed arrives directly at passenger transport highest rise 20% . Yesterday, the reporter sends high speed a few times to arrive directly at the station of long-distance passenger transportation with class more line to understand from the our city, rise now, the high speed circuitry that long-distance passenger transportation of our city part stands and circuitry of passenger transport of train in excess specified length will in succession " renew cost price " (restoreCarry out) of standard of upper limit of governmental guidance price, coach in the government valence allows to adjust the rise inside limits namely. of Xie Hui of photography of inscription of Yuan of reporter of rich learn on job of reporter Jiang Junyang

  Station of many long-distance passenger transportation has tone price

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter becomes aware in clear temple station sees inside hall of carry out ticket, the electron already showed on screenSpring carryDuring fare rise announcement. Chief says related the station, rise now, station of Cong Zhaojiao temple only then hair to wide yuan, 4 high speed of treasure annulus, De Yang, Luo Jiang arrive directly at class line fare to will go up tone. The plan that move price is, wide yuan of regular bus fare from 90 active yuan, 96 yuan of rise reach 102 yuan, 109 yuan; Price of ticket of treasure in rotation reachs 79 yuan from 69 yuan of rise; Fare of regular bus of De Yang, collect river is in float of before last of present price foundation 2 yuan, 22 yuan of admission fee with 27 yuan are implemented respectively after adjusting; Because continous in relief regular bus already will be made the rise of utmost in March last year, accordingly this year spring carry still maintains 37 yuan fare.

In 10 hill station, the reporter understands, the station since now will come to sending brook of British, bitter fleabane, then peaceful, orchestra, south fill, wide the fare that how waits for 11 high speed to arrive directly at class line is made on tone, among them price of the wide ticket that install a class reachs 106 yuan by 89 yuan of rise, regular bus fare is filled to reach 80 yuan by 69 yuan of rise south. Of fare of each circuitry inside hall of carry out ticket fair show a card to also be in last night 7 when made change too. Station chief says, those who make fare rise adjust is high speed arrives directly at class line completely, and rise is controlled price allows in exceeding passenger transport inside the limits of 20% .

  ChengduTravelDistributing center center spring carry does not rise in price
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