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The introduction of a few kinds of outdoors motion
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You had tried to build a tent to be by the side of brook, does listen respectfully light breeze puff the sound of the leaf? In the crowd that has deep love for nature, can be individual, family and firm join outdoors campaign together, the tropics that was not being destroyed by human civilization is jungly. Experience the pure natural scene that is different from reinforced concrete. There is pollution over there, without noise, more it is fresh air, the Bai Yun of leisurely, the brook water of pleasantly sweet. Outdoors, the mood is more free from worry, favor is more honest, the group is more close together. Item of motion of a few outdoors limits introduces for you below:

One, passion is seaborne
In fall the lotic dangerous shoal of each different multiplies direct current of rubber a light boat and fall, pass through the passion that torrent jumps over dangerous shoal is insurgent, again cross-strait scene all accepts the poetics picture idea of eye ground.
1, the preparative strategy before float
A, prevent bask in. Before drifting prevent on put on the skin bask in frost (of 30 times) , preparative sunglasses, cap, wear pants, cover the foot, additionally the upper part of the body can wear short covering, coat of a white (brunet absorption of heat) long sleeve shirt. Must have done prevent bask in the job, can be basked in by the sun otherwise desquamate.
B, waterproof. Suggest you had better not carry the begin machine, Beep-Pager, watch article that fears water, otherwise they can meet with of " flood " , if want the camera on the belt to take a picture, had better carry a few bag that seam waterproofly, closely more, cover it rise. Had better wear beach shoe or slipper and so on. Additional, when drifting commonly, hit water to battle, the whole body is drenched already, suggest you take a changed clothes and a towel more, the berth leaving a bank after be over adrift is in, have the bathhouse that changes clothes technically.
C, drunk preparation. Mineral water should be taken for certain, because the weather is hot, add dozen of water to battle perspire, very easy thirsty. There is mineral water to sell in seaborne initial drop, the price is a bit a few more expensive, sell 5 yuan. If you are disrelished expensive, you yourself can sell ahead of schedule it is OK to get on a car.
2, boat oar operates skill strategy
Go continuously- - before oar face, do a few adjustment when necessary, maintain bow to be opposite wave
Left-hand rotation- - left oar backward, on the right side of the oar is forward
Right-hand rotation- - on the right side of oar backward, left oar is forward

2, gorge explore is deep and remote
Enter the gorge of quiet and beautiful, have both in strange danger, in the beautiful scenery of chute clear pool, arrange Shan Panyan, pass through jungly, experience cliff fast fall, the alarmingly dangerous that brook of go against the river, brook falls perverses stimulate, suddenly enters peach blossom source in, exclaim unceasingly!
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