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Thoroughfare city brief introduction, traffic and special local product
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Ground location is located in ministry of Jiangxi of short for Zhejiang Province, plain land place meets feature of a sector of an area of Qian Tangjiang upper reaches, 4 provinces are connected thoroughfare history of call distinguishing feature is long, historic site is numerous recommend landforms much appearance, mountains and rivers-land is elegant 0:0 of business hours of passenger capacity gross area0-24:00 environment is located in short for Zhejiang Province, Fujian, another name for Jiangxi Province, Anhui Hangzhou of traffic of 4 provinces boundary arrives thoroughfare the city has inquiry of the map of choice this locality such as the train, rapid a person engaged in some particular pursuit, plane, traffic to doubleclick visit privilege but the discount orders room privilege time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


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Thoroughfare the city is famous city of national history culture, han Mingxin is installed, sui Chensan thoroughfares, tang Shi says to thoroughfare city, it is one has 1800 Changjiang Delta town of military importance of the history.
Thoroughfare state history is long, historic site is numerous, landforms much appearance, mountains and rivers-land is elegant. Have praise for " Na Kongsheng ground " the Zong Jiamiao austral aperture family name; The world says " ground of go celestial being " , the sodden Ke Shan of ground of Taoist school blessing; Have accepted " Dan Xiafeng China the first, of whole nation of day of a gleam of most " Jiang Lang hill; Have the general configuration of the earth's surface peculiar, form in the Ordovician period before 500000000 3 thoroughfare stone forest; Have blue waves the 9 dragon lake with 10 thousand just, beautiful scene; Mist having the cloud winds around, park of Jiang Yuanfeng's smooth forest of Qian Jiangyuan country; Have species groove guard of rich, Gu Mu's very tall Gu Tianshan nature; Have with gorge flying waterfall of have diarrhoea of strange peak, gully sees forest of written country of violet small hill park; Have praise call " gem of the mystery of through the ages, culture " Long You grotto.
Thoroughfare state climate is wet, land is fecund, content mounds civilian abundant. Bamboo of mulberry of grain oil, well-known tea, silkworm, vegetable, bamboo shoot is amphibious forest, chicken of bone of black of edible mushroom production, lean lean pig, Bai Mao, Bai Esheng is produced wait for 10 big agriculture base to build effect remarkable, urged the traditional agriculture fundamental change to contemporary agriculture. Drink of large quantities of one renown actor specialty praise global, thoroughfare prefectural 椪 mandarin orange is known as orange " highest grade " , in the world element has " Oriental beautiful fruit " good name; Much taste of juice of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad shaddock of the root of antipyretic dichroa is little, acid is sweet dainty, "The emperor " shaddock rivals can of character of card introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad shaddock and United States on the west; Country yangtao nutrition is rich, have prevent cancer to combat cancerous effect; Still have tip of become civilized dragon, stay of proceedings of hedgehog hydnum of the root of antipyretic dichroa, long You rice paper, the strange rare such as river Shanxi inkstone is tasted, too numerous to mention one by one.
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