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Long You grotto (thoroughfare city)
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Ground location is located in Long You county with north of 3 kilometers thoroughfare feature of a sector of an area of Jiang Beian of baronial, of great momentum recommends dimensions of distinguishing feature of call of water of boreal Xiang Na, surface back hill capacities of all sorts of ancient relics passenger 0:0 of business hours of 0.38 square kilometer0-24:0Line of look of green water of green hill of 0 environment, bamboo Lin Gushu sets off one another railway station of traffic Long You multiplies 1 or 2 buses arrive directly at inquiry of this locality map, traffic to doubleclick visit privilege but the discount orders room privilege time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


Carry on

Be located in Zhejiang to save western, the sea of Xiaona of Long You county of Qian Tangjiang upper reaches, the scenery is on the history scenic spot area. 1992, of for generations fokelore " abysmal pond " in the sound of rumble water pump in 4 farmers " the whole thing comes to light " . Another world marvellous spectacle----Horizontal stroke of Long You grotto was born for nothing.

This is the underground of 100 knots builds group of a mystery group. In circumference those who have the law is like to distributing on the mound of 0.38 square kilometer size 24 cavern, the area of every cavern from 1000 differ to 3000 square metre, every cavern begins from rectangular mouth of a cave perpendicular downward outspread, height makes an appointment with 30 meters, coping is shown " fight model " , there all is 3~4 root scientificly inside the hole tremendous " piscine end form " stone column, carry one integrated mass on the head with the hole. More acclaim as the peak of perfection letting a person is hole wall, the even leaves the ancients to contain adornment content it seems that authentic mark on hole top and stone column.

Dimensions of Long You grotto is baronial, of great momentum. Walk into grotto, just like days flows backwards ancient. And its " exploitation time " " exploitation person " " utility " . . . . . It is the mystery that through the ages indissolubles.
5 confuse hole greatly
Hole of a mystery:
It is the smallest in 7 mysteries hole, area area makes an appointment with left and right sides of 300 square metre, show close square, ground level, rectangular Fang Chi manages lower part in the entrance. Because sustain a scale small, only one props up column. Hole top assigns on any account two, differ make an appointment with 50CM, resemble propping up capital to wear crossbeam an one divides into two of a hall is same. Place of this cavern entrance and temple of bamboo forest buddhist only of one wall lie between. Mouth leaving hole has one fish, horse, bird nearby 3 kinds of animals carve a figure, this is exclusive in already smoking dry 7 mysteries hole image sculpture, a kind of explanation is all biology on indicative earth, with what water generalizes in medium, onshore, sky, it is an extraterrestrial appetent conquer earth is all biology, but local villager thinks, in big drought year, first civilian the likelihood uses fight a drought of keel sprinkler pump water, fall when the water level in hole this one when, the person that have good current events engraves by bamboo balsa. This hole already was developed now small sell dot and tourist teahouse.
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