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3 thoroughfare stone forest (thoroughfare city the root of antipyretic dichroa)
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Ground location is apart from north of county of the root of antipyretic dichroa of remarkably like the true of pictographic stone modelling recommends distinguishing feature of the call on line of scene of west wind of short for Zhejiang Province of feature of section of 10 kilometer department 3 thoroughfare gross area of capacity of passenger of gorge of a covered corridor or walk, violet Teng 6 of business hours of 28 square kilometer: 00-22: Stone forest of 00 environment and cirrus mutual crisscross traffic thoroughfares the station austral city car transfers to the root of antipyretic dichroa inquiry of this locality map, traffic doubleclicks visit privilege but the discount orders room privilege time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


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3 thoroughfare stone forest scenery divides great respect area in all, the east 3 thoroughfare hill scene area, landscape with elegant and delicate be good at, modelling of stone tooth, stone forest 1000 strange 100 condition; Mid for area of scene of small ancient hill, stone forest landscape is main distinguishing feature with strange, danger, beauty; Area of scene of big ancient hill is west, the scenery is main distinguishing feature with the stone forest sight with labyrinthian and deep and serene, magnificent imposing manner.
3 thoroughfare modelling of world of hill stone forest feeling of peculiar, lifelike, administrative levels strong, change is boundless, 100 lion contend for hegemony, hole of peak of contend for hegemony of snake of fairy dress and make up, dragon, double chelonian, chelonian peak, tiger, zenithal flowerpot, jade flexibly, general blast wait for landscape of more than 50 tourist attractions, it is the greatest pictographic stone zoo on the world. The area is visited in this inside, strange peak anger unplugs, strange stone is bony, be worthy of is the comprises by the mountain peak of all sorts of attitude forest of a be worthy of the name.
You Shilin, want overlook already its gallant scenery, want body one by one again in its condition gets into stone forest, ability appreciates the beauty of stone forest. Because these strange peaks blame stone, the independent body with individual since, have again cannot intersected connection. Stage of hole of the meandering that there is countless between them, Shi Lang, stone, crossover, booth is interlinked, tortuosity, go up to fall suddenly suddenly, ignore left ignore right, make the person is like enchanted palace.