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River man mountain (thoroughfare city)
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Ground location is located in country city the area just outside a city gate feature of section of department of the 23 kilometers austral the town is located in distinguishing feature of call of communications center of Fujian of short for Zhejiang Province the sky of 3 peaks straight alarm recommends impregnable pass of smooth lake of ancient course, ancient kiln, strange Shi Youdong passenger capacity altitude 0:0 of 824 meters of business hours0-24:00 environment is in a highland is abrupt inquiry of the map of car this locality that uproots traffic Hangzhou car arrives directly at country station to take native place of past river man, traffic doubleclicks visit privilege but the discount orders room privilege time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


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With grand and peculiar " 3 Pan stone " celebrated at the world, have Chinese red glow of day of a gleam of of the first strange peak, whole nation most, the Lang Feng day of high and precipitous of the great person peak of natural good luck, alarmingly dangerous swims and chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes is enlightened institution of higher learning of buddhist temple, chiliad Jiang Lang academy of classical learning, and famous city of mountain of glow of celestial being of ancient course impregnable pass, history 28, the landscape of natural person article such as the lunar lake of insignificant of blue waves grand.
The strangest landscape should be belonged to " 3 peaks are listed Chinese " meaning for the sky of 3 peaks straight alarm. 3 gods peak is in the peak of group of peaks unplugs again the ground and remove more than meters 360, from east westerly is shoulder to shoulder and stand, skyscraping inserts the cloud, suddenly is like day column, go up thick below fine. Mountain of man of the Jin Chunshan in the alias of river man mountain, jade and the hill that knit man, common weighs 3 stone, these 3 Shi Feng from left to right cry respectively " Lang Feng " , " inferior peak " and " Ling Feng " among them top part amounts to 824 meters.