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Sodden Ke Shan (thoroughfare city)
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Ground location is located in thoroughfare feature of 10 kilometers a sector of an area faces city southeast on the west of green hills and clear waters-picturesque scenery of distinguishing feature of call of Wu Xi river recommends area of capacity of passenger of house of ancient post road, go 0:0 of business hours of 8 square kilometer0-24:00 environment group hill dish time, traffic of scenery deep and remote deep is in thoroughfare near city railway station south lake station multiplies 18 to doubleclick visit privilege to inquiry of this locality map, traffic but the discount orders room privilege time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


Carry on

Sodden Ke Shan belongs to celestial being arteries and veins of Xia Ling beyond, black brook river is overlooked on the west, all through the ages is countrywide tourist attraction. Liang Dairen " narrate different to write down " carry: "The letter installs hill of county stone room, the king when advance pledges cutting comes, see boy counts person chess and song, because listen,pledge, boy with one content and qualitative, be like jujube nucleus, contain character do not become aware be hungry. Presently boy calls: ' why to go? ' rise character inspect, axe stalks or branch rot, return already, without answer when person. " sodden Ke Shan gets a name from this. Green hills and clear waters-picturesque scenery, the scenery is pretty, for olden Taoism resort, also be the birthplace of the Chinese go in fokelore. The Ke Shan such as a gleam of of day of day of hole of Liang Jinghong having rock, blue glow, Yu Pingxian concealed, hole 8 scene.
If rainbow approach flies,sodden Ke Zhufeng has one stone bridge, uncanny workmanship, weiwei is grand. Below bridge advocate hole north and south is hollow, " ground of hole day blessing is written down " call " Qing Xia day of the 8th hole " , it is to be " Jin Shu " biographical Wangzhi watchs a chess to encounter celestial being to be in, what later ages builds stone hereat qualitative big chessboard, be the world most. Shan Dian has natural " bridge arch " impending and frame, bridge opening is tall 12, 13 meters, span makes an appointment with 40 meters, more than meters about 30 wide, it is Zhejiang provincial a the biggest natural bridge.
A few hundred years ancient tree still is stored near temple of hill stalking or branch -- ginkgo, sweet camphor tree, maple sweet. An upright stone tablet of the inscribe of past dynasties calligrapher that since there still is numerous the Eastern Jin dynasty on hill, stays and rub cliff carved stone.