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The Zong Jiamiao austral aperture family name (thoroughfare city)
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Ground location is located at thoroughfaring rate of Zong Zi of family name of aperture of feature of a sector of an area of street of new bridge of city urban district descendantses ever since the spatial call distinguishing feature of sacred Confucius is majestic and antique, solemn and respectful recommend Xian Shengwei to occupy 8:0 of business hours of 13900 square metre like tablet passenger capacity0-20:0The liaison man of poetics picture idea that 0 environment filled classic park gets off 1 times to crossroad, street of edge new bridge east arrive 100 meters namely all right inquiry of this locality map, traffic doubleclicks visit privilege but the discount orders room privilege time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


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The Zong Jiamiao austral aperture family name is one of temple of the throughout the country's only home of two aperture family name, be after boreal an administrative unit in Xizang is ruined, sun Xi of the 48th world seals Confucius Duan You of develop emperor official opening follows tall Zong Gaodu to grant the home to thoroughfare city and build. Structure style dimensions and pattern of temple of Qu Fu of boreal an administrative unit in Xizang are similar, it is to pay homage to a sage, ginseng realize Confucianism child good place. Pass now comprehensive and reparative, as thoroughfare state town museum house is abandoned open to the outside world.
Current, 5 exhibition halls set inside Confucian temple: Reach its into Confucius of the model inside the hall greatly 3 coronate coloured drawing or pattern takes descendants picture; Kong Jiamiao's particular structure thinks of the consecrate inside Lu Ge to wear south according to legend is child model wood oak mixes the Confucius couple of tribute hand carve the Tang Dynasty Wu Daozi draw " Xian Shengwei resembles " tablet. This picture is by Confucius aperture of son's eldest son of 48 acting of lineal descent carries friendly Na Du to be taken in those days thoroughfare city, strap stone consecrate by Kong Duanyou; Wu sets sand table of carve of brick of Nazong historical sites and domestic temple changes on the west; Lou Jidong Wu is holy lustre exhibition hall of holding cultural relic. Domestic temple embeds an upright stone tablet that past dynasties builds a temple on courtyard wall.
The courtyard is mediaeval ginkgo, Gu Bai is very tall, with black tile red wall, reflect of photograph of pavilion upturned eaves, it is to study Kong Xue and the good place that visit sightseeing.