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Qian Jiangyuan (thoroughfare city)
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The fountainhead of Qian Tangjiang of distinguishing feature of call of feature of a sector of an area of county of ground location become civilized recommends passenger capacity area 0 of business hours of 45 square kilometer: 00-24: Traffic of 00 environment is multiplied thoroughfare city- - of Huang Shan in cling to the car gets off in Qi Xi town inquiry of this locality map, traffic doubleclicks visit privilege but the discount orders room privilege time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


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Park of national level forest is located in " Zhejiang mother river " Qian Tangjiang's fountainhead, with become civilized forestry centre field of neat brook cent gives priority to body, neat brook reservoir comes east, xi Qilian spends a needle, gross area is 45 square kilometer.
Because suffer effect of new geological and tectonic campaign, the Changjiang Delta ancient land that has a typical case rises strongly the landforms feature of country, formed the landform characteristic of alternate with of the land of country, cereal narrow slope is steep, ridge sequence of thought is clear.
Basically have lake of hole of horse of lotus pond, eminent, water, maple building 4 scene area.