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Beauty spot of black stone hill (thoroughfare city)
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Ground location is located in a county with north feature of 25 kilometers a sector of an area thoroughfares the situation of hill of distinguishing feature of boreal screen call of the basin esteems high, ridges and peaks rises and fall recommend stop the foot of a mountain looks up at Wu Shishan passenger capacity altitude just like of environment of of 439 meters of business hours one gigantic lion howls, inquiry of map of this locality of very powerful liaison man, traffic doubleclicks visit privilege to order a room to hit lose favourable time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


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The carve of uncanny workmanship of nature of classics of whole hill body, formed cliff abrupt, blame the marvellous spectacle of Shi Lin Xun. Temple of stone of black of chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes is hidden at this under tremendous cliff. Imposing manner of black stone temple is uncommon, dimensions is baronial, flying waterfall deep and remote hole, wintry warm summer is cool, all the year round of avalokitesvara drop water is ceaseless, fontal sound babbles. Enter the look into the distance from a high place austral Shan Dian, a thousand li of look as far as one can, mountains and rivers-land is beautiful.