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Dragon bummer resides center (thoroughfare city)
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Ground location is located in southeast the county feature of 1 kilometer a sector of an area books call distinguishing feature to recommend 0 of business hours of capacity of passenger of civilian house ancient building: 00-24: Of primitive simplicity of environment of 00 is elegant, west station of Hangzhou of elegant unsurpassed traffic has fast settle or live in a strange place to Long You, thoroughfare the city swims to dragon inquiry of map, traffic doubleclicks the Babende in having visit privilege but the discount orders room privilege time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


Carry on

Center of dragon bummer house is located in scene to dazzle beautiful crow hill. Draw near according to hill water, strewn at random the cloth that send the ground sets move pole to have representative civilian house ancient building, it is the ground that the ancient construction market of our country can be counted on one's fingers comes together.
Crow hill and county lie between water photograph to look, ancient tower is topping, crag stand like a wall, the one place that is outskirts of a city is geomantic treasure ground, the history is accumulated very rich and generous. Here is important ancient culture relics, come up out of land to the cultural relic of trader week period from the The Neo-lithic Age very much. According to carrying, song Jiayou last years of a dynasty or reign, the person that be called Lv Dafang sets academy of classical learning to discourse on an academic subject here, a day of Cong Zhong famous spine has crow reputation, escape sound and search discovered one caboodle silver however, prevented a these silver to give greatly feudal official. This matter is passed for a much-told story, this hill also calls crow hill. When Qing Dynasty superabundant favour flourish builds Li Zhishu house to discourse on an academic subject here. The Yu Xining after Lv Dafang year an a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations in taking an examination of, feudal provincial or prefectural governor of Guan Zhirao state. Ning Mo yuan there is astronomer Zhao Youqin to build the station that watch a bit here first, observation astronomical phenomena, study optical all previous to calculate, have " change resembles new book " be handed down from ancient times, the foot of a mountain of the bury after dying. All these constructed for civilian house center a perfect geographical environment and historical atmosphere. Onetime capital slights for aunt when You Chunqiu, the history is long, cultural relic is masterly, among them tradition civilian resides bright Qing Dynasty, can calls a building artistic classic, important place is had in building of tradition of Changjiang Delta ancient time. Begin from 80 time, churchyard of county of local government choice has cultural relic and the ancient time that view and admire value civilian house change arrives crow hill, protect and use develop simultaneously, with cultural relic development travels.
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