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Groove guard of nature of Gu Tianshan country
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Ground location is located in county of Zhejiang become civilized the environment of zoology of distinguishing feature of call of feature of a sector of an area of of Su Zhuang countryside western is very superior recommend of ancient Tian Miao 8 of business hours of passenger capacity 500: 30-17: Inquiry of map of this locality of traffic of green of green of gloomy of steep tree of tall slope of hill of 00 environment, traffic doubleclicks visit privilege to order a room to hit lose favourable time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


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Groove guard of nature of level of state of ancient cropland hill is located in Zhejiang to save churchyard of become civilized county, be apart from 60 kilometers of county, with Jiangxi county of the source that save Wu, heart promotes city to border. Gross area is 8107 hectare, pointed altitude of blueness of the highest peak in a mountain range 1246 meters. Groove guard of nature of level of state of ancient cropland hill is located in in semi-tropical the eastpart part, short for Zhejiang Province, another name for Jiangxi Province, Anhui 3 provinces boundary, as a result of its special and complex situation, distributinging move is typical in Xie Lin of semi-tropical Chang Lukuo, it is the good place that biology multiply perchs, biologic diversity is very outstanding. Composition is fastened to go up in plant area, hold a characteristic of north and south concurrently, it is to contact Hua Na to transfer to model of China north floral belt, it is the sort with our country and my only or rare province a little among them, of its savagery big natural and secondary forest, lin Xiangjie form is complex, biology is resourceful, genetic and old, division department class status is complex, precious is rare use a plant various, it is the natural gene library that saves biology species. Will investigate data statistic to have advanced plant according to calendar year 244 divisions 897 belong to 1991 kinds, there is our country in spermatophyte among them peculiar belong to 14, see in department of Zhejiang plant division the sort of hill has distributinging Yu Gutian only benzoin of source of Chinese photinia of bolt wing boston ivy, Fujian, Wu 10 kinds; Precious is rare endangered plant 32 kinds: One class key protects its China home plant 1 kind, 2 class key protects the country plant 14 kinds, provincial precious is rare endangered plant 17 kinds, especially sweet fruiter, wild have a smile on one's face, violet bine what rare flora of these 3 kinds of precious falls is big, the concentration that distributing, in the whole nation infrequent; The animal has amphibious to crawl kind 77 kinds, avian 104 kinds, beasts 58 kinds. Key of its China home protects an animal 34 kinds (animal of protection of one class key has its China home pheasant of long end of leopard, Yun Bao, black muntjac, white neck 4 kinds, animal of protection of 2 class key has silver pheasant, blackbear, small civet to wait for 30 kinds) , the province protects an animal mainly 32 kinds. And black muntjac is the largest one part in two centralized distributinging areas of countrywide; Pheasant of white neck long end is the whole nation distributings relatively the area with concentration, more amount. This area also is a country the main habitat of the animal such as silver pheasant of animal of 2 class protection, blackbear. Insect of ancient cropland hill has 22 eye 191 divisions 759 belong to L156 to plant, the insect that is mode producing area with Gu Tianshan among them has 11 eye 37 divisions 164 kinds, 24 kinds when name with Gu Tianshan, 6 kinds when name with become civilized; Large fungus 207 kinds, it is what Zhejiang discovers the ground first to have 50 kinds with Gu Tianshan among them. Picture of ancient cropland hill is pretty, gu Mu is very tall, have primitive and secondary forest, size chute 30 more than place, is there day of Hunan of " look as far as one can, uprise and look at " ? T visits a station, here audibility precious birds blames the scream of animal, pleasant and euphonic twitter. Warm summer of winter of ancient cropland hill is cool, the scenery is peculiar, ancient books of true it may be said " wide island " " ancient Tian Mingshan is southeast scenic spot, for one of 72 holes days also " . Gu Tianshan not only scene is beautiful, and famous places and historical sites is very much also, stay passing a lot of moving fokelore. Song Taizu male heart year a white hare of hill civilian hunt, jade of bunny melt into, famous monk builds temple to go up at its " of temple of entitle " reach the clouds, there is more than mus of 30 fertile land before temple, because time is ages ago, satisfy a name to be ancient Tian Miao. Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang ever installed stockaded village camp in Gu Tianshan, show state power, " of stage of " name a person for a particular job is its card. The Red Army man that local records quick leads also heads an activity in ancient Tianshanyi, leave those who have later generations commemoration day to have " of hole of " Red Army. Division of day push forward is fought to ever also scattered the seed of next revolution here on the north that Su Yu leads. Still have large quantities of the " Song Daigu of the " of ancestral temple of " Jiang Jia that national emphasis cultural relic protects an unit to be like Su Zhuang, Tang Tou the " Song Chao of Buddha " , Long Tan kiln location " . Wood of rare Gushu name has precious " of ginkgo of Su Zhuang of Gu Zhang " of Wu Yue of " of Tang Bai of " of " Yuan Sha, " , " , " , zhu Yuanzhang grows " of Yuan Sha of " of according to legend with one's own hands, "" of Wu Yue ancient camphor tree is called " of king of " Zhejiang tree. Additional, "Ancient Tian San blames "(snake not chela, snail does not have end, water has mark) with " a haven of peace "- - the place such as hole of the Song Dynasty, have magical color more. Gu Tianshan not only hill beautiful description is beautiful, historic site scenic spot much, and folkway is honest. It is to be away for the summer holidays the travel resort of have a rest. Ancient cropland mountain villa has bed 104 pieces, size assembly room 4, dining-room, card pulls the recreational establishment such as room of OK hall, fitness all ready, have fixed regular bus everyday, communication is easy.
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