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3 thoroughfare stone forest beauty spot (thoroughfare city)
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The countryside that ground location is located in Chinese introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad shaddock - feature of a sector of an area of the root of antipyretic dichroa is apart from county north distinguishing feature of call of 10 kilometers place is strange, danger, the United States recommends Zhao Gongyan monkey to watch sea gold nail " 8 of business hours of passenger capacity 500: 30-17: Inquiry of map of this locality of mutual crisscross traffic, traffic doubleclicks stone forest of 00 environment and cirrus visit privilege orders a room to hit lose favourable time all the year round favourable privilege explains guesthouse orders room 2-7 privilege, order freely the room doubleclicks visit please


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3 thoroughfare stone forest beauty spot is located in Chinese Hu Youzhi countryside - the root of antipyretic dichroa, it is Zhejiang scenery on-line a window. Scene area gross area 27.58 square kilometer, cent share is comprised. Be apart from the division of stone forest scene that 10 kilometers manage county north, stone forest and cirrus mutual crisscross, all show the wonderful artical excelling nature of nature and boundless irregular change. The east 3 thoroughfare hill is to thoroughfare city mother hill, landscape with elegant and delicate be good at, main tourist attraction has Zhao Gongyan, 3 thoroughfare goddess; In not small Gu Shan, landscape in order to surprise, danger, the United States is main distinguishing feature, its tourist attraction has a monkey to watch the sea, cultivate Changjiang Delta alone; The big Gu Shan west, landscape with labyrinthian and deep and serene, imposing manner is grandiose and celebrated, among them 3 thoroughfare a covered corridor or walk, violet Teng gorge, celestial being hole be by what tourist of China and foreign countries says " Changjiang Delta a special skill " .