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4 days of Hong Kong double flying freedom go (Zhou Er sends a group every day to
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4 days of Hong Kong double flying freedom go (Zhou Er sends a group every day to weekday) Schedule of ¥ 3260 setting out: Every day round ground setting out: Beijing returns the land: Beijing travel season counts: 4 days give round date: Characteristic of journey of 2008-10-31 of 2008-10-21 ~ cannot defy favourable concentration:
1. gives duty-free ticket of Hong Kong DFS;
2. gives Hong Kong / Macao map;
3. gives the airport / the hotel is roundtrip move back and forth bus coupon.
Scheduling Quote include Quote do not include Visa material Friendship clew Remarks specification Destination guideline Scheduling The 1st day: Beijing / Hong Kong
Beijing seizes the opportunity to fly to Hong Kong. The proper motion after reaching harbor heads for a hotel to rest
The 2nd day: Hong Kong
Swing (delaying Mi Duidao to appreciate shopping amorous feelings of 9 dragon peninsula today, 9 dragon with needle of subway on-line “ horn of flourishing of ” of ground of oily hemp of ” of sanded chew ” , “ Zun Dui, “ , “ ”4 shopping a sector of an area attachs most importance to a dot. Center of city of the peninsula hotel market that large market basically has pointed sanded chew, harbour, new world. Additional, must go to Hong Kong golden inn, path of honest of 9 dragon cover is more give priority to with golden act the role ofing) .
The 3rd day: Hong Kong
Swing (after dawn illuminate all things, go experiencing the shopping fun of Hong Kong island today, still those who reflect Hong Kong distinctive culture go up annulus. Flat in the evening into be stationed in Lan Guifang, night life of complete experience Hong Kong)
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