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Freedom of Hong Kong indulgence goes (midday goes midday is answered / aviation
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Hong Kong plute 9 dragon hotels (4 stars) [pointed sanded chew]Hotel of Hong Kong sanded Tian Lihao (4 stars) [Sha Tian]Hotel of scene of dimension of sweet harbour young (SamSung) [bay young]Hotel of Hong Kong benefit scene (SamSung) [bay young]Hong Kong beautiful east hotel (4 stars) [boreal horn]9 dragon beautiful east hotel (SamSung) [flourishing horn]
Charge includes:

1, Shanghai goes back and forth between tourist class airline ticket to Hong Kong.
2, place choosing hotel lodges at least 1 evening, specific it is with selecting day of number actually accurate.
3, Shanghai goes back and forth between airline ticket duty and fuel surtax to Hong Kong.

Charge does not include:

1, above “ charge includes each charge that did not make clear in ” .
2, item of other and personal spending.

Particularly favourable:

1, every pieces of order gives ticket of ceremony of Hong Kong DFS 1 piece.

Attend notice:

1, this product applies to hold effect " pass of come-and-go HongKong and Macow " reach write comments on a document of travel of Hong Kong individual (G attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it) ,
2, pay regulation: After the product affirms, pay inside 24 hours please.
3, you refer generated order value finally to will include airline ticket duty and fuel surtax.
4, referenced airliner is inside the system, time asks final flight number to allow with giving ticket hind actually to be.
5, if you buy Dishinile garden entrance ticket, choose to add accordingly according to your date that enter garden and age please optional, specific about Dishinile garden calendar watch asks the “ in strategy of travel of referenced product freedom garden calendar expresses Dishinile ” .
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