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American thing coast is Hawaiian Canada is panoramic 16 days
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Travel season counts: 16 day Airline: Boat of United States couplet Circuit characteristic 1. The name hears far ear bet a city " Las Vegas " , it is boundless desert in, one stands tall and upright loftily " of strange unreal " , it also is world entertainment, every time when curtain of night hangs low, rainbow is glaring that rises momently, like the cordate telosma that it resembles come to of one individual plant, more night heals beautiful, more night heals aromatic, the whole world assures that he cannot find the city that has distinctive charm so.
What 2. makes your experience red-blooded is cosmopolitan - new York. In detail the journey Beijing -Washington

Referenced airliner date: UA898 03SEP PEK/IAD 1830/1936
Capital airport gather sends machine hind, take luxurious plane to fly toWashington , after arriving at, enter a hotel to rest.

Breakfast: Chinese meal: Dinner: Traffic: Hotel of plane, car: SamSung class hotel
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