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American thing coast is Hawaiian Canada is panoramic 16 days
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Tokyo - Beijing

Referenced airliner date: NH955 18SEP NRT/PEK 1720/2010 Arrive at Beijing, end your happy journey

Breakfast: Chinese meal: Dinner: Traffic: Plane hotel: Do not have hotel information Serve an item 1. The traffic between the city: Travel bus;
The entrance ticket of travel tourist attraction that lists in 2. journey, it is with what make clear in the journey accurate;
3. is daily and prandial (inside the hotel / outside breakfast is tie-in, prandial give priority to) with Chinese meal, have dinner time is with motor vessel eat on motor vessel accurate, retreat food expenses additionally no longer, have dinner provides for oneself during a favourable turn;
4. whole journey enters SamSung class public house, between two-men standard, be like occurrence nature cell, ask room of filling Qi Chan to differ;
Driver of 5. full-time Chinese holds tourist guide service concurrently;
Danger of accident of body of 6. condition alien;
7. certificate fee; ※ does not contain an item: 1. Daily working hours is North America average 10 hours, driver and overtime of tourist guide overtime pay additionally;
2. passport is expended;
Any additional surtax beyond 3. journey are used;
4. individual all incidental expenses, include to wash clothes telephone bill of cost, phone, tonsorial, beverage, smoke wine, pay cost TV, the private cost such as baggage truckage;
5. individual consumes causes fee;
6. gives the baggage custom imposition that enter a country, of excess baggage consign cost, administration fee to wait;
7. driver and tourist guide fee (everybody everyday 6 U.S. dollors)

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