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M Bangkok Thailand 4 astral class hotels
Charge includes:

1, room public house (it is a standard with two people) ; Daily early, midday, dinner (allow with what hodometer labels) .
2, the tourist attraction that lists inside hodometer and bus of sightseeing of whole journey travel.
3, surtax of duty of airline ticket of whole journey international and tax of whole journey airport, leave a country, fuel.
4, travel person accident insurance.
5, normal travel certificate fee.
6, contain Shekou port city - traffic of Hong Kong airport is expended (if head for Hong Kong airport by oneself,this charge is not retreated) .

Charge does not include:

1, above “ charge includes each charge that did not make clear in ” .
2, other is private consume a project.
3, tourist guide fee 50 yuan / person / day.

Attend notice:

1, pay regulation: After the product affirms, pay inside 24 hours please.
2, you refer generated order value finally to will include airline ticket duty and fuel tax, taxes goes a ticket finally already to be accurate.
3, this product is form a delegation form.
4, suggest you shift to an earlier date 7 days to book this product at least, lest delay your journey.
5, foreign guest is acceptability sign up.
6, all coupons and member integral are not applicable this product, this product does not enter other privilege activity.
7, this product credit card of peony of travel of use labour of be confined to or labour travel peony borrow write down card to pay.

Main provision:

1, this product is booked after clinching a deal, must not be changed or cancel.
2, plane takeoff time is final with airliner takeoff time was that day accurate, if meet weather or airline element of other force majeure and cancel a scheduled flight or airliner of incur loss through delay, our company will endeavor to assist you to solve a problem.

Give a caution:

1, while you admire beautiful scenery to enjoy cate, had kept please your private property.
2, the journey to do not delay you, before asking you to take off in international airliner 120 minutes achieve the airport to deal with board the plane relevant formalities of & discrepancy condition.
3, this product is form a delegation nature product, visit by the journey please.
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