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Mango net enrols business only barge-pole- - Thailand cate group of 5 days of ch
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Schedule setting out: (MM-DD) 10-23, 10-28, 10-30

The price: RMB 2350.0 rises (Valence explains since)
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Hong Kong of ★ whole journey / Bangkok non-stop flight to goes there and back, go to Shekou of Cheng Shen Zhen reaching Hong Kong airport continuously by ship, convenient, quick!
★ whole journey enters 4 astral class public houses of Thailand place, enjoy self-help breakfast at the hotel!
★ arranges rich cate meticulously: Complete Thailand is highest dining-room (76 buildings) Zhu Lanhai of the fim of luxurious buffet, arenaceous boiler, porket that bake, individual is bright city of chaffy dish of meat of Kong Ming fish, world confuses eat, Thailand your chaffy dish!
★ is close scheduling: On foundation of groovy tourist attraction, increase visit garden of temple of emperor of Fosan of make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital of teak of 5 worlds emperor and carriage museum, 7 precious, 9 worlds, intertropical fruit to sample season fruit!
★ makes sure whole journey is not had by day at one's own expenses project, ba mentions elegant night at one's own expenses the program chooses completely to attend of one's own accord by guest apiration!
★ is special give: Forest rides ancient magic art of type of elephant, peaceful to massage 2 hour, southeast Asia the biggest duty-free shopping city!

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Pertinent information:

In be located in south the south in the peninsula. With border on of Kampuchea, Laos, Burmese, Malaysia, thailand bay is faced southeast (Pacific Ocean) , southwest is close to install Da Manhai (the indian ocean) . Intertropical monsoon climate. Annual cent is hot, rain, cool 3 season. Year all air temperature 30 ℃ of 24 ~ . Began to form relatively unitary state 1238. Experienced Suketai early or late dynasty, big city dynasty, swallow Wu Li dynasty and Bangkok dynasty, original name Xian collect. 16 centuries, portuguese, Holand, England, France the person that wait for colonialism inbreaks early or late. Flower law signed pact 1896, formulary Xian Luo Weiying is belonged to Burmese belong to with the law Indo-chinese the amortize country between. Xian Luo Cheng did not reduce the state of colony exclusively for southeast Asia. 19 centuries end, pull Ma 4 worlds king begins to execute open to the outside world, 5 worlds king draws lessons from western experience to undertake the society is reformed, in June 1932, pull Ma period of 7 worlds king, civilian party launchs coup, change autocratic monarchy to be constitutional monarchy. 1939 more renown Thailand, change via a few after, thailand of official 1949 name.
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