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Honshu Hokkaido hot spring exceeds luxurious 7 days (contain admire maple)
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Extensive force
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City setting out
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Retail sales price
Adult RMB 10, 999 children RMB 9, 999
The price on the net
Adult RMB 10, 899 children RMB 9, 899

[final scheduling allows with giving round group to be]

The 1st day: Q of airport of Guangzhou white cloud becomes cropland airport JL660 (0750/1310) (contain dinner only)
Ask everybody round friend to be in white cloud airport at appointing time concentration of international hall setting out, by build luxurious plane to fly to Japan; After arriving at, be built at A.d. 940 years toward pay homage to of the hill that become field [Xin Shengsi] , house of the hotel that old wood builds both sides of path of ginseng of the hill that become field, native other people, eating house and do poineering work 100 years the old store of above, attracted numerous tourist to stop. The public house is entered later.

Accommodation: Into cropland

The 2nd day: The V that become field Dishinile garden or marine world or Fujiyama of stage field V Tokyo of 5 V closing eye (round-the-clock contain eat) breakfast at the dining-room inside the hotel. Cent becomes 3 groups later: A: [Tokyo Dishinile field] (charge provides for oneself 5800 yen / person, make an appointment with and RMB 450 yuan / person) Eden basically divides what develop a times for the United States western the prospective Eden of the dreamy Eden of the Eden, expeditionary Eden of adventure and legend, dream and fairy tale world, universe and prospective world, still area of new student content is reached as if the cartoon city of fairy tale story, by telpher circle whole area confuse your train to arrive alarmingly dangerous bloodcurdling ghost house, by Caribbean corsair expeditionary find deep and remote risk to African forest, still have 7 areas such as the deepie with that unparalleled all over the world. B: [Tokyo Dishini the world on water] (charge provides for oneself 5800 yen / person, make an appointment with and RMB 450 yuan / person) kicked off on September 4, 2001, be with " the heavenly body of water. Expand the sea of extensive earth " for the theme, spread out a maritime world that is full of romantic, adventure, it is the kingdom on the water that adult or child can return joyfully no matter. C: [stage field shops recreational swim] the Tokyo that heads for change quickly deputy heart - stage field, this is the artificial island that Tokyo bay fills the sea to make the land. The city in water of field of stage of park of stage field seaside, AQUA() shopping recreation come or flow together, large shopping center visits castle of house of abundant cropland car, Venus shop. Fujiyama is headed for by the car later, ascend [5 close eye] (inspect weather and decide, if cannot head for an instead Fuji library) , fuji is headed for later one of 10 scene [gentle park] , it is one of optimal spots that watch Fujiyama here. Go to again [new constellation hall] admire Tokyo at altitude panoramic, night life can shop after dinner of multicoloured, rich and colorful [] .
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