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Tokyo holiday swims 4 days, [the Christmas] (Beijing sets out)
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* is big 2 inches of color (white setting, 3.6cm*5cm, the blank that needs put apart 0.5~1cm according to titles hair upside) near future photograph 2 pieces;
* on-the-job proof (the company raises his head paper builds official seal) ; Company business charter or photocopy of card of origanization construction code;
* asset proves (photocopy of bankbook of house property card, car exercise card, 50 thousand above) ; Registered permanent residence of Id photocopy, family this photocopy (each 1, a4 paper) ;
* retiree offers emeritus card photocopy, student to offer photocopy of student's identification card, in school proof;
* goes to day of travel visa application form (my company is offerred) (Id number, domestic address reachs a phone, working unit phone and post, be sure to fill in according to the facts please) : Home address is ① show specific address / ② phone to show the unit is mixed now the address is real an Electromechanical word, in order to have consulate affirms / the full name that ③ fills in clearly to enter round visitor together and correlation / person of ④ urgent contact should make clear witting guest to go to day of travel;
5-10 of * cash pledge 10 thousand yuan, return after the homecoming that follow a group still.
* receives passenger retail sales and travel agent to should fill freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting to see a book seriously (through 114 inquiry guest place belongs to an unit wanted on the telephone register, affirm a guest through dialing a telephone on-the-job circumstance) Remarks ★ website information offers reference only, actual journey allows with giving round announcement to be.
★ my company retains a foundation circumstance of seasonal, airliner, visa and the circumstance when heading for a country to become makes the right that adjusts appropriately to the journey.
If ★ encounters surtax of fuel of the attune on airline, my company reservation increases collection the right of this charge. Group information 出发日期 返回日期 报名截止日期 成人价格 可报名人数 预订 团行程 2008-12-24 2008-12-27 2008-12-09 6180.00元 >9
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