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Tokyo holiday swims 4 days, [the Christmas] (Beijing sets out)
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Quote is not included Passport cost, the individual is consumed, at one's own expenses project, fee (each everyday 45 yuan, whole journey adds up to 4 days each) of 180 yuan of RMBs, the leader of a sports team during swing, tourist guide serves cost, other manpower cannot defy an element to cite the premium that deliver. Join round notice Children (12 years old of less than) the price: Badge namely? - - adult price decreases 400 yuan; Hold a bed---With grow upping price

Hotel (3 evening) odd world increases cost: Everybody is 1200 yuan

1, above is referenced journey, because weather, seasonal, airliner, visa reachs destination nation,my company is withheld to the journey the local situation power that has be adjustmented appropriately;
2, because Japan does not have system of assess of hotel star class, the hotel standard that lists in the journey is industry commonly used accepted standard; According to international convention, of the hotel enter time to be afternoon 14: 00 later, the time that return a house is midday 12: 00 before, if need to pay surtax overtime
3, at one's own expenses project cost includes entrance ticket, fare, tourist guide and driver service cost, stop the integrated charge such as fare; According to Japanese law provision, every Nature's engineering makes tourist guide and driver time must not exceed 10 hours (include breathing space)
4, the equation of time that Japan has a hour with Beijing time, japan is earlier than China 1 hour
5, if encounter the “ force majeure such as epidemic situation of natural disaster, terror, great infectivity,” is affected reach occurrence airliner incur loss through delay or policy sex moves price, the charge of generation provides for oneself by the guest
6, this product value applies to chinese mainland citizen only
7, this product chooses group airline ticket cannot more renown, cannot change the date, cannot return a ticket, the place in the journey lists airliner date and time to offer reference only, have make reasonable shift according to actual condition soil preparation is likely
8, travel expenses is based on the number that join a group to exceed 20 people (specific group 25 people) above computation, under this number, cost will produce change, travel expenses needs recount
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