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Tokyo holiday swims 4 days, [the Christmas] (Beijing sets out)
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The 4th day Tokyo Into cropland Beijing (predict afternoon airliner After breakfast, TokyoThe sightseeing inside city shops: Green shade cluster roundEnclosed ground for growing trees outside emperor house---The river of the shogunate door city, bright treat the Huang Jucheng since the times to be abode of the emperor of Japan; Shallow careless temple---Those who be built at 628 years inside the oldest fane, before hanging the Lei Men that has marked big red lantern, be in those who was full of strong christmas day and New Year atmosphereOn ave of Zhong Jian world, Collected shop of all of more than 100 handed down from the older generations of the family, your tourist enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave; Assemble of shop of many 500 electric equipmentDouble ended radius sleeker formerElectric equipment street. Afternoon, head for cropland airport by the car, return Beijing by international airliner, end the travel of happy Japan. Contain: Early / lunch Special clew: To ensure the tourist guide reachs the arrangement of trailer coach, about whether to attend at one's own expenses activity, ask you to advance purpose when signing up formally, when statistic of the leader of a sports team on the meeting explaining before at me the company goes, whether does clear announcement attend to already signed up project. Thank your understanding and collaboration very much! My company reservation changes to have the power that adjusts appropriately to the journey according to actual condition Quote is included Certificate fee, have dinner is made clear inside the journey, visit a tourist attraction, between mark of two-men of hotel of Japanese SamSung standard (2 people 1) , into leave the country day air conditioning visits tourist guide of bus, Chinese and service of the leader of a sports team, international airline ticket and tax of airport of border of churchyard foreign country (encounter airline to adjust duty to expend, sale price is adjusted subsequently) .
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