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The experience at the beginning of Europe - luck of abstruse law meaning compare
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Journey characteristic: Luck of meaning of ※ abstruse law compares chest 6 countries 13 day
Journey detail:   The 1st day of Beijing / Brussels Beijing/Brussels At Beijing capital airport building of 2 boat station assembled in the evening that day, by assistance of person specially assigned for a task you are dealt with board the plane, piece involve procedures, take HU491(0220/0630) of airliner of international of before dawn of day of sea the number of voyages or flights to head for Belgian capital - be called the Brussels of ” of “ Europe capital. Breakfast: | Lunch: | Dinner: Accommodation: Plane go up The journey comments on that day:   The 2nd day of Brussels / Parisian Brussels/Paris Local time 06:30 reach Brussels airport, receive by special machine, urban sightseeing begins after gone breakfast. The beauty that Brussels element has ” of “ small Paris praise. We will visit old and beautiful big square, be in cloth city the first citizen - the take a photo as a souvenir before uric Tong Yulian resembles, view and admire modelling distinctive, the say atomic ball tower that has iron tower of Belgian dust humble Er (the exterior) . The capital that drive car heads for France later - “ is spent ” Paris. Paris not only it is Europe has poetics picture idea most, the becomes greatly history name of collect art, building, also be most tourist reachs the travel town that visit on the world. After arriving at, head for along river of accept of a place of strategic importance assist with square, here is in former days guillotine of French revolution period is in, head for Ares square subsequently, with Parisian giant- - ★ of Effie Er iron tower (2) take a picture accept as a souvenir, nonstop finally Xiangsheli this world on highway of a pavilion or house on a terrace's famousest ave, and triumphant arch of —— of building of French history delegate. Dinner hind enters a hotel to rest.
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