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The brigade of the love of Tibetan Ma Ji Ami -- noise made in coughing or vomiti
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9, if reach weather reason because of policy sex,cannot see a tourist attraction, cancel entrance ticket now.
10, at one's own expenses project: Sheep hot spring of 8 wells bubble 98 yuan / person, whole journey does not exceed 3 into inn.
11, seize the opportunity the person must carry effective certificate, wait like testimony of Id, officer, passport, the children that does not have Id must carry registered permanent residence this original or passport. If certificate is missing,open to police station of seat of registered permanent residence please board the plane temporarily proof.
12, before the tourist that sets out by plane needs to take off in the plane 2 hours of proper motion reach airport home office setting out staff member assistance deals with my company board the plane formalities; Before the tourist that sets out by train needs to drive in the train 1 hour opposes an individual effective Id proper motion reachs a railway station, deal with check ticket formalities by number waiting room to place. Specific with " the tourist gives round announcement " to allow.
13, if change a plane to perhaps change a standard, invite report to seek advice. Destination guideline TibetLhasaDay noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionThe Potala PalaceBig clear templeAccept wood fault

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