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The brigade of the love of Tibetan Ma Ji Ami -- noise made in coughing or vomiti
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4, Tibet belongs to special area, the friend that ask a group gets along well, respect the culture of ethical region and devotional habit.
5, severe high blood pressure, heart disease, asthmatic ill patient does not enter Tibet please. Reporter of foreign diplomat, foreign country does not enter Tibet please.
6, psychological preparation: Optimistic mood, if have psychological responsibility,can aggravating highland reacts, defer human body to get used to downy climate.
7, body preparation: The Morpheus before entering Tibet and rest should enough, patient of severe high blood pressure, heart disease is unfavorable enter Tibet.
8, vade mecum tastes: Downy altitude tall sunshine is intense, difference in temperature of morning and evening is big, need to prepare to grow sleeve garment pants, woollen sweater, jacket, the area is nice at the same time sunglasses, sunbonnet, prevent bask in lipstick of frost, embellish, patulin, intestines and stomach medicine, aspirin, stable wait for article. Remarks explains 1, this group is full 12 people are in brigade becomes a group independently, be not worth 12 people to fill neat balance perhaps adjourns hair is round.
2, the detail consults please " the agreement that join a group " .
3, if encounter national policy sex to adjust the price, press price of formulary filling report to the superior after accomplishing a task please; If encounter manpower to cannot defy what the element causes to visit change and tourist attraction to decrease, my company is in charge of returning entrance ticket balance only, do not assume the loss that causes from this and responsibility.
4, below the circumstance that reducing a tourist attraction, my company has authority to undertake to the journey around is adjusted.
5, the time on the journey offers reference only, specific time allows with what going out ticket actually to be.
Beijing - Lhasa T27 second 21: 30 set out, 20: 00 touch Lhasa (about 46.5 hours of or so;
Lhasa - Beijing T28 second 8: 30 set out, 7: 34 touch Beijing (about 47 hours or so) ;
Beijing - the airliner of Lhasa is CZ3183 (07:50-10:20 classics stop Chongqing or Chengdu, 11:10-13:30 arrive at Lhasa) ;
Lhasa - Beijing allows with giving a ticket actually to be, chongqing a favourable turn.
6, the train ticket does not assure as a result of railway system reason in lower berth, if you have special demand to berth, look at forgive! My social security reserves pair of journey change, adjusted right, but make sure the tourist attraction does not decrease.
7, single room needs fee: 680 yuan / person.
8, cannot defy a factor as a result of manpower or stem from a guest freewill, cause cost of boat of expenses of the tourist attraction inside the journey, food, room cost, car to wait need not, my company expenses is not retreated.
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