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The brigade of the love of Tibetan Ma Ji Ami -- noise made in coughing or vomiti
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Quote is included Solo flight group:
Beijing / Lhasa train lies forcedly ticket, lhasa / Beijing plane ticket (straight boat or airline ticket of a favourable turn) the airport is expended fuel tax;
Between two-men standard, independent toilet (build according to standard of 4 stars hotel) day noise made in coughing or vomiting is (hang out one's shingle SamSung hotel standard is built) , be like occurrence sheet person, ask a guest to pay a room difference oneself; Local have dinner 6 early 10, prandial 10 dish one soup, 12 people one desk, do not contain wine water. (be not worth 12 people like have dinner number, food volume inspects number discretionary reduction, eat mark is changeless) ; Local travel is special car; Local excellent guidebook serves; Tourist attraction the first entrance ticket; Danger of accident of person of travel of; of danger of travel agent responsibility.
Quote is not included The eat on the train is expended; Aviation insurance; At one's own expenses project; Natural cell is poor; Hotel phone telephone bill, wash clothes cost, shop wait for an individual to consume; Price of attune of national policy sex, reach the premium that because the strike, traffic delays block, weather,the manpower such as change, natural disaster cannot defy element place to cause. Friendship clew 1, tea of right amount and drinkable ghee, milk products and flesh of flocks and herds can enhance pair of downy climate get used to ability.
2, rest more into highland first, drink water to eat a fruit more more, wine of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade. Do not run and violent campaign.
3, dietary appropriate is abstinent, cannot eat and drink too much, lest increase burden of intestines and stomach.
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