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The brigade of the love of Tibetan Ma Ji Ami -- noise made in coughing or vomiti
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The 7th day: Noise made in coughing or vomiting of day of — of Yong Hu of eminent of Lhasa — sheep criterion
In the morning from Lhasa leave, cross height above sea level 4852 meters ridge Ba Lashan, stand when mountain pass, the beauty of lake of emperor of the sky that be called praise greet of ovine eminent Yong Hu, a steamer hangs just like between heaven and earth, the snow mountain of clear lake water, lofty, mix like washed blue sky white Yun Rong is an organic whole, elegant and picturesque scenery lets you be intoxicated at the for a long time in the terrestrial elfland like this a haven of peace to cannot bear leave. Surround if card of — of glacier of century of holy lake by way of pulls glacier, head for the film " red river valley " exterior films the ground, fight flower Jiang Zi of Gu Cheng — , ancient castle of hill of overlook an administrative unit in Xizang. Visit only part Tibet 3 big denomination are an organic whole, with the mural of elegant unsurpassed and sculpture celebrated 100 thousand tope reside a temple in vain (entrance ticket provides for oneself 40 yuan) . Noise made in coughing or vomiting of day of — of town of military importance of the Tibet after drive car is headed for criterion
The 8th day: Day Lhasa of — of criterion of noise made in coughing or vomiting
Visit in the morning build the Huang Jiao 1447 Buddhist nun of heart of Er of forehead of Panchen of one of 6 big temples, past dynasties is stationed in tinnily — to plunge into temple of cloth of assorted human relations, whole fane depends on a hillside and build, the back adds a high mountain, dian Yu abuts, group the building is folded. Violet smoke of the censer inside the temple rises to twinkle for desk lamp fire, numerous Buddha honour look each different. 10 worlds visit look with reverence after Panchen Lama clever tower criterion of day of noise made in coughing or vomiting free market. Overlook is self-buried stage, edge Brahmaputra gorge returns Lhasa afternoon, on the way road condition is good, sweet processing factory of river valley scene and civilian cereal dweller and Tibet hides after can be being admired to the top of one's bent in road.
The 9th day: Lhasa — Beijing
The flight number that reachs Beijing by Lhasa is returned, the end is happy and itinerary, return warm home
Referenced quote Adult price: ¥ 5199 Price of children of price of adult of week of date setting out becomes round number 2008/11/7 on Friday 5199 12 of ¥ of ¥ 5199
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