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The brigade of the love of Tibetan Ma Ji Ami -- noise made in coughing or vomiti
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(Lhasa railway station is apart from the urban district 30 kilometers, time of drive a vehicle 20 minutes)

The 4th day: Inside Lhasa city, street of temple of the Potala Palace, big clear, anise
Visit world Shanghai to unplug type of highest archaic palace fort builds group of — the Potala Palace in the morning. The Christian era 7 centuries middle period, cang Wangsong Tibet does Lhasa of cloth move the capital to another place and build palace over Yu Gongshan. As historical changes, past dynasties is become to amount to those who bilk lama to be stationed in after seventeen century middle period rebuilds tinnily and politics magisterium profit center. With its extremely high history value is mixed outstanding precious deposits is famous at the world. Visit the temple of bethel — big clear in be located in center of Lhasa old city, Cang Chuanfo to teach believer and whole world Buddhist the heart afternoon. When 7 centuries article enters Tibet into the princess, the Christian era brings one honour Sakyamuni wait for a body 12 years old to resemble by consecrate hereat. Close quarters experiences believer people those who extremely admire is devotional. Taste market freedom to shop to anise street handicraft subsequently, here, can buy various the hand formula product that has full-bodied ethical distinguishing feature, experience humanitarian clime of Tibet.
The 5th day: Luobulinka, Majiami
Visit past dynasties to amount to the Luo Bulin of Xia Gong — that bilks lama to get stuck in the morning, meaning of Tibetan article language is ” of “ baby park, already was labelled nowadays class of unit of protection of cultural relic of level of world culture bequest, state, 4A selects travel scene area surely. The greenery inside garden is shady, my day of deep and remote bamboo grove, it is calendar year comes the main room of traditional Tibetan opera and civilian song and dance, structure of the palace inside garden is splendid, line of the mural inside the hall is fluent, among them partial mural belongs to Tibetan churchyard peerless. Head for swing of Ma Ji Ami afternoon, in the building the top enjoys the sunshine of Lhasa, see the crowd with anise bustling street, leave alone unruffled with halcyon. Also can shop to anise market freedom, here, can buy various the hand formula product that has full-bodied ethical distinguishing feature, experience humanitarian clime of Tibet.
The 6th day: Lhasa - sheep 8 wells - Lhasa
Drive car heads for the Bai Xueai that is located in prairie Tibetan north in the morning white, group the sheep in hill bosom area of scene of 8 wells terrestrial heat. World Shanghai unplugs highest highway — blueness hides highway to will be below your body, a thousand li of overlook lie across, grand Tang Gu reading aloud blueness draws mountain mountain range, see a body wrap around the majestic appearance that the divine — that Yin Kai, head wears the of soldierly bearing that puts a coronal on the ice misses green Tang Gu to draw mountain the highest peak in a mountain range. Experience blue sky the natural scene with vast and extensive prairie of north of the Tibet below white Yun Xuefeng. Cross that to hike snow mountain (5019 meters) , reach the lake of arrange of wood of lagoon — accept with the top height above sea level on the world (entrance ticket 80 yuan / person) . Meaning of ” of arrange of wood of accept of Tibetan language “ is day lake, altitude 4718 meters, lakeside lush of capacious, aquatic, magnificent is clear and attractive, grand, if be enchased like a sapphirine,still be on the prairie of pond of 10 thousand lis of Qiang that is like mattress. At the moment by stamp lake, calm before the holy lake that thes Creator in nature, body and mind will be complete by at the moment shake of bizarre place of the natural beauty of lakes and mountains is photographed and cleanse is worn your soul. In returning way, be in sheep area of scene of hot spring of 8 wells terrestrial heat at one's own expenses bath hot spring, remove journey is tired (entrance ticket 98 yuan / the person provides for oneself, ask swimsuit of provide for oneself) return Lhasa next.
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