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The brigade of the love of Tibetan Ma Ji Ami -- noise made in coughing or vomiti
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Noise made in coughing or vomiting of fault of wood of temple of the brigade —— the Potala Palace of the love of Tibetan Ma Ji Ami, big clear, accept, Luobulinka, day lies go flying back to 9 days Schedule of ¥ 5199 setting out: Nonsked ground setting out: Beijing returns the land: Beijing travel season counts: 9 days give round date: 2008/11/7 Whether had you been tired of journey characteristic invariable travel circuitry? Whether are you seeking a brand-new travel state?
We will bring your brand-new visual perception to suffer in snow region highland and new course.

In the lone nobles of urbanism, regular meeting expects free love of Tibet.
You had worked Yu Fan of too much energy pour into busily, missed good love even.
If you already body and mind is fatigue.
If you think,escape the world.
If you think,search Na Chunchun's love afresh.
Set foot on with me please itinerary.
Sincere hire:
20-35 year old young men and women.
Like travel, like to make friend, like to experience downy anoxic experience.
Information offers:
Suit youthful staff, whole journey top class service, lhasa follows public house of 4 stars standard, day noise made in coughing or vomiting lives hang 3 hotels. Go brigade friend does it crazy Majiami, give yoghurt / person / bowl, sweet tea / person / crock. Return additionally give: Arrive at arrange doctor visit that evening, each everyday 2 bottles of mineral water, tibetan characteristic is elegant little gift.
Did you your mind disturbed? The leave on the horse:
Encounter, the dream of beautiful involuntary discharge of urine that —— of Ma Ji Ami produces in old Tibet;
The Love Story of Lhasa, the yellow house of anise street.
Clew: Sign up the group October 10 is opposite very favourable.
Scheduling Quote include Quote do not include Friendship clew Remarks specification Destination guideline
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