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On the west double edition Na Shuangfei swims 5 days
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The 4th day of traffic: The car is prandial: Early in late accommodation: Edition accept journey:

After breakfast, visit virgin forest park: The park is located in by line of nation of elder brother the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, be apart from Jing Hongcheng area 8 kilometers, the forest inside garden is enclothed rate more than 98% , the my day of day of tropical vegetation block with various breed, root of Long Shu board, alone the everywhere of respect of surprise of plant marvellous spectacle such as bowstring of unripe flower of Mu Chenglin, old bine, plant is visible, gorge green of mountain stream of deep and serene, Wu Ming, forest luxuriant, lake
Water is clear, make you clear experience the mystery of nature.

The 5th day of traffic: The plane is prandial: Accommodation: The journey:

After breakfast, seize the opportunity to fly Chongqing ends happy journey!
This journey is referenced journey

Service standard

1. Chongqing - edition accept: Wu? Chongqing goes back and forth between Cheng airline ticket, the traffic between the city is expended (air conditioning trailer coach) ;
2. whole journey between 2 stars or standard of two-men of the hotel that be the same as class (color television, phone, defend alone) ;
Mark of eat of 3. whole journey: 6 4 early, 8 dish one soup (10 people are one desk) ;
4. tourist attraction is the biggest entrance ticket, whole journey is outstanding tourist guide;


1. place everyday difference in temperature of morning and evening is bigger, ask you to noticing to install, bring good coat, rain gear, long equipment medicaments prevents a cold on the belt;
2. Yunnan is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, illuminate of the ultraviolet ray outdoor is stronger, should notice to prevent bask in, the area is nice prevent bask in things;
3. is in area of Lu buy lake at one's own expenses equestrian or when rowing, notice safety please, comply with master arrangement is directive;
When 4. travel photographs, also notice safety please, do not film to the area that has risk or climb climb;
When 5. choose and buy commemorates local speciality of commodity, place, notice goods compares 3 please, at the same time the attention does not use the sample of the decoration at will, damage accidentally in case.
6. because the majority in road is minority living ground, the nation that respects place in local excursive moment please is used to zephyr common, avoid to have what conflict with the person of minority

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