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On the west double edition Na Shuangfei swims 5 days
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Special statement: Does  of Liao of You of Mai of appearance  numerous  show ざ ?
Be located in Yunnan to save southwest end on the west double edition accept, archaic Dai language is “ Meng Balanaxi ” , means “ is ideal and magical Elysian ” , here is famed with magical selva nature landscape and minority amorous feelings.  
Double edition accept is Dai countryside on the west, because draw near Thailand, Burmese wait for Buddhist nation, hinayana is here thorough popular feeling, be full of the Buddha temple of southeast Asia amorous feelings, tope it is thus clear that everywhere, dai person basically is devotional Buddhist.  

Book on the net: 2300 yuan rise
Circuit category: Recreational on the weekend - of short duration does not have circuit
Date setting out: Electric ask 400-889-9922
Travel time: 5 days
Traffic means: Plane, car
Main tourist attraction
On the west double edition accept

The 1st day of traffic: The plane is prandial: Accommodation: Edition accept journey: Chongqing - edition accept

Chongqing seizes the opportunity to fly edition accept, enter hotel, swing.
The 2nd day of traffic: The car is prandial: Early in late accommodation: Edition accept journey:

After breakfast, visit wild elephant cereal: The Meng that wild elephant cereal is located in scene Hong Yibei raises natural groove guard inside, be located in a thing the river valley of department of union of two forest zone. Growing to cultivate substance more in this 10 thousand mus about a hundred selva, the layer is green fold emerald green, depressed grey, intertropical Zhu Lin becomes repeatedly, for inferior the wild animal such as city elephant was offerred optimum grow, the ground of the perch of multiply. Existent inferior the city resembles nearly 300, wild elephant in threes and fours often appears and disappear in the river edge, close forest, roam to highway even, pace arrives inside people eye shot forage, water, bathe, take a walk, play.
The 3rd day of traffic: The car is prandial: Early in late accommodation: Edition accept journey:

Visit logical sequence of China's biggest Meng of intertropical arboretum — intertropical arboretum: Arboretum is being surrounded by the river of affluent collect shuttle of Mekong shape is like calabash form, gardens covers an area of a face to accumulate 900 hectare, implantation has plant of tropics of China and foreign countries 3000 kinds, all sorts of plant the way corp is growing are good. Visit garden of Dai nationality of 4A class tourist attraction afternoon: Here picture is pretty, folkway is honest, be full of poetics picture meaning, all the year round fresh and green and pale green, Zhu Lin surrounds, fruit tree Cheng Lin, banana, coco, areca, pineapple close, mango, asperse to stockaded village issued thick green shade, flickering bamboo building sets off one another to cultivate green bamboo in blueness in, blast a faint fragrance that the flower opens a tropics delivers along with wind, peaceful of a quiet and beautiful. Antique tope, buddha temple and scene of charming and gentle set off one another each other, formed the view that has intention of distinctive and Buddhist culture to be mixed scenic spot gardens landscape, grant to the person a kind of novelty, experience with what place good will adorably.
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