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Sichuan is channel of 9 stockaded village, yellow Long Sifei is pure play 4 days
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8, be like cell of accommodation occurrence nature, the tourist guide will arrange tourist and same sex chummage, or arrange 3 worlds, or the guest is differred between Fu Chan oneself.
9, my company reservation is opposite according to actual condition specific journey and price are done proper and reasonable adjusted right.
10, ask you to fill in seriously tourist opinion book, my company will regard processing as complained important basis with opinion book.

Special clew

1, the hotel is double mark, without 3 worlds, also cannot add a bed (if add a bed,can be spring bed only) , single person beard signing up fills the room that make sheet is poor. 12 years old of the following children do not contain entrance ticket and bed (the guest breakfast that does not hold a bed provides for oneself)
2, if cannot defy a factor because of manpower,reduce a tourist attraction, our company return entrance ticket balance only, if encounter entrance ticket policy to have change, ask complemental price difference
3, if encounter the reason such as weather to produce airliner incur loss through delay,wait for a circumstance, the charge such as the accommodation that brings about additional generation and airline ticket loss all is assumed by him guest
4, 12 years old of the following children contain airline ticket going there and back, car (do not contain sightseeing car) , guide take, the others provides for oneself

Group information

Date setting out: To

Date setting out returns price of adult of date date of expiration signing up to be able to sign up for celebrity number to book
2008-10-25 2008-10-28 2008-10-18 4180.00 yuan 5 already ended
2008-10-28 2008-10-31 2008-10-21 4180.00 yuan 5

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