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Sichuan is channel of 9 stockaded village, yellow Long Sifei is pure play 4 days
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9, the meeting in travel process encounters local small small retailer to hawk travel souvenir to wait, if you are bought innocently, do not want make inquires please, lest happen,pester reach unpleasantness.
10, do not cast the puppy that feeds place to put in a suitable place to breed please, lest be harmed.
11, when entering a public house, the stage is seasonable before asking you to be in ask for hotel address calling card; Garrison the quality that the facilities facilities that lists according to the place in schedule of the family property inside hotel room asks after guest room and amount undertake checking, if the problem asks seasonable bulletin to guide swim or personnel serves related the hotel, so that change quickly,adjust; When washing bath, notice to prevent please slippery, the proposal has been spread ahead of schedule prevent slippery mat. Nightly before sleeping, reach when leaving store, ensure please close door window.
12, when collecting an area to visit to minority, notice to observe local custom custom please, lest produce needless conflict.
13, notice safety please when swim, do not review ability in swimming person, have high blood pressure, heart disease person please not go into business swims.

Visit a note
1, if the guest abandons visitting by oneself, expenses of fare, food, guide take cost to be not retreated, other charge will be discussed additionally according to actual condition.
2, children price does not contain entrance ticket of bed of train ticket, hotel, tourist attraction, steamer ticket to reach telpher.
3, if have dinner number is not worth 10 people / desk, food volume inspects number discretionary reduction.
4, to safeguard travel environment sanitation, do not spit everywhere please, toss rubbish, trash in disorder, ask bag of rubbish of your provide for oneself.
5, the beautiful flowers and grass inside scene area is various, these are the fortune of country and people, tourist can be viewed and admire to the top of one's bent when visit, but cannot pluck and dig; Scene area structure, place of historic interest is very much, must not go up in any buildings, historic site, rock, Zhu Mu inscribe depict, tourist should be abided by self-consciously.
6, period guest discharge meets travel flourishing to rise quickly, before scene area door, telpher entrance, dock ascends boat place to wait for appearance of band of meeting occurrence platoon leader, to ensure of scheduling finish smoothly, the tourist guide will be early to crying, set out wait for time to do shift to an earlier date or adjust appropriately after the fault, ask each tourist to cooperate actively.
7, there is shopping arrangement in delimiting like trechometer, time makes an appointment with 40 minutes or so, ask you to coordinate the tourist guide's work actively, ensure the journey is finished smoothly. When buying goods, be sure to keep in mind to ask for bill. If shop without the plan in the journey, the tourist asks the tourist guide is arranged, must sign via all guest agree.
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