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Sichuan is channel of 9 stockaded village, yellow Long Sifei is pure play 4 days
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2, before the tourist that sets out by plane needs to take off in the plane 1.5 hours of proper motion arrive at airport home office setting out to deal with board the plane formalities; Before the tourist that sets out by train needs to drive in the train 1 hour of proper motion reach a railway station, deal with check ticket formalities by number waiting room to place. Specific with " the tourist gives round announcement " to allow.
3, big baggage is in the airport to deal with by the regulation please consign, valuable is carried (if cash, mobile phone, camera, camera, bullion act the role ofing is tasted,wait) .
4, ask place of provide for oneself to want commonly used drug, be like: Achieve can stick, wait by dizzy peace.
5, ask place of provide for oneself to need every day object, be like: Travel shoe, sunglasses, rain gear (equipment raincoat is asked when mountain-climbing) , slipper (because of hotel slipper, after touching water more slippery) wait.

You Tu safety instructions
1, you are asked to hold the mobile telephone in journey switch on the mobile phone condition, so that the tourist guide can get in touch with you at any time, provide considerate and meticulous service for you. If you have any unwell, report a tourist guide immediately please, our meeting is contacted according to particular case and each, provide corresponding service.
2, do not want privately to arrive please prohibit the area is visited look around, lest produce risk. In visitting a process “ view scene does not walk, do not watch scene ” on foot, when taking a picture, notice the foot issues security please; Visitting you are asked to follow in advancing after the tourist guide, do not want lead to perhaps be reluctant to leave a scenery to be far from a group, lest be lost produces risk.
3, if encounter,uprise peak is not climbed when thunderstorm, do not support iron chain with the hand, also should not be take shelter from rain below the tree or receive dozen of mobile telephone, in case be struck by lightning.
4, avoid round activity as far as possible please, if have need truly, report a tourist guide beforehand please, agree rejoin time, punctual rejoin, inform a tourist guide when rejoin. Accompany of each tourist much person is asked during swing and row, prevent separate operation.
5, time of partial distance drive a vehicle is longer during visitting, ask the according to time of drive a vehicle accident before you are getting on a car to water appropriately. Avoid to ambulate as far as possible in process of drive a vehicle, in order to ensure safe. If have any demand, ask direct guide to swim or driver explain.
6, to ensure on trailer coach you are mixed of other healthy, do not smoke please.
7, when you play trailer coach, when gather waits, also never mind lean in trailer coach all around, lest produce risk. When leaving a car, carry valuable please.
8, take a picture on yacht, never mind please rely on board crawl, lest produce risk.
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