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Group of a piece of home at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year d
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[The 5th day] the 5th day of phoenix - eat of Zhang Jia bound: In? / late constellation: Occasionally cure?
After breakfast, phoenix ancient city visits (visit time to restrict 3-4 hour) : Green hill of far of scene of the river that watch a small bay in a river is continuous, Lou Qunlin of cross-strait condole foot stands, emerald green emerald green Miao Ge welcomes guest below rainbow bridge. Walk view of area of scene of sanded bay of phoenix ancient city: Silver of wax printing of mill of old street of rambling ancient city wall, ginger sugar, ursine family name, Liu spreads lane, Shencong the scene such as temple of buddhist of heart of exterior of article former residence, river (if visit Shen Congwen river of former residence, a small bay in a river. Entrance ticket provides for oneself 148 yuan / person) . After Chinese meal, by ancient city of Che Congfeng feng4huang2 (time makes an appointment with Cheng of 1 hour of car) go to heart tamper Miao Zhai to look around 60---The seedling home amorous feelings that visiting West Hunan has ethical culture distinguishing feature most (if attend seedling home activity to pay fee additionally) , go to Home Zhang group by the car.
[The 6th day] group of the 6th day of Home Zhang - Beijing eat: ? is old: Partridge glare?
After breakfast, hill of door of day of overlook of city of Home Zhang group---The place of 99 aerobatics, visit earthy home supermarket to go to Home Zhang group or Changsha railway station to lie forcedly by train by the car next return Beijing west station.
[The 7th day] the 7th day of Beijing
Reached Beijing west station that day, end happy journey!
Charge includes:
Beijing - Home Zhang group goes there and back to lie forcedly train ticket, accommodation: Register level of two-men of SamSung class hotel, phoenix is accurate between 3 two-men standard (phoenix does not have hang out one's shingle hotel) eat: 4 early 8 (prandial 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk, if the number is insufficient, food volume is corresponding discretionary reduction, do not contain wine water) , scene area first entrance ticket (preferential price of garden of earthy home amorous feelings 80, Bao Feng lake 76, Zhang Jia bound 248, heart tamper Miao Zhai 60) , local travel uses excellent guidebook of car, place to serve.
Charge does not include:
[The have dinner on 1] train, scene area is telpher (hill of yellow Shi Zhai, the emperor is telpher charge) , water circles 10 lis of 4 panorama lift, gallery danger of accident of light rail car, single room difference, travel, whole journey is accompanied, individual consumption, .
[2] does not contain cost: Entrance ticket of yellow dragon hole and fare 120 yuan, phoenix Gu Cheng 8 tourist attractions 148 yuan, telpher (yellow Shi Zhai is one-way 48/ double Cheng 92; Below the 54/ on the emperor hill 54) , water circles 4 panorama lift: 56/ falls on 56; Car of light rail of 10 lis of gallery (double Cheng 33/ is one-way 23) at one's own expenses travel and swing transportation expenses.
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