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Group of a piece of home at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year d
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[The 1st day] the first day of Beijing- - eat of Home Zhang group: High mountain? is old: Partridge glare?
Beijing west station by train K267 (12: 20) go to Home Zhang group.
[The 2nd day] the following day eat of Home Zhang group: ? evening is old: Occasionally cure?
(10: 25) support Home Zhang group, go to garden of amorous feelings of home of earth of Home Zhang group to visit entrance ticket by the car 80 already contained: Appreciation the Tujia nationality is large greet guest to receive blessing - bar door wine, visit culture of person of history of home of sacred column, earth, southeast the first result, listen to those who place the totem pole on hand field to explain, amorous feelings of appreciation the Tujia nationality performs as interactive as the actor program. Turret of condole of pagoda tree of visiting earth palace, chiliad, ninefold day, activity of folk-custom of folkway of mountain fastness of visiting experience the Tujia nationality: Appreciation cries marry, wait to folk song, 3 ancient clubs. Watch room of water-powered roller of the Tujia nationality, wine to make room, ox grind a room to wait primitive work setting. Eat the Tujia nationality midday year meal. Afternoon, go to scenery of fierce hill source by the car scenic spot area, the car sees chiliad ancient ground - 100 battle gorge, visiting world preciouses jade pool - Bao Feng lake (entrance ticket 76 yuan / the person already was contained) , the subterranean bright phearl that may visit those who have " of champion of all-round of world cave " to say - yellow dragon hole (entrance ticket fare 120 yuan / the person provides for oneself) . Go to a hotel to be entered.
[The 3rd day] eat of group of the 3rd day of Home Zhang: In? / late constellation: Occasionally cure?
After breakfast, attend park of Home Zhang group by the car, visit yellow Shi Zhai (visit time to restrict 3-4 hour, the guest is multiplied at one's own expenses telpher on, downhill, 92) of one-way 48/ double Cheng, watch main tourist attraction on the way: The 6 strange cabinet, stage that pick a bit, hind peak of garden, the five fingers, group of summit overlook Home Yuan (this Jing Ke is able to visit in the journey in the 4th day) , Deng of crossover involuntary discharge of urine absolutely scene. Visit gorge of golden whip brook on foot next (about 3 hours) : Watch gold to flog eagle of cliff, god protects whip, level off hilltops to save mother, a thousand li to encounter on the way, water circles 4 to wait, land mine house.
[The 4th day] group of the 4th day of Home Zhang - phoenix eat: In? / late constellation: Nobeliun?
After breakfast, bound beauty spot visits the say Yuan Jia of the garden after multiplying a car to have Home Zhang group to element, multiply a the first ladder of world when you---Ladder of 100 dragon day (56 yuan / person charge provides for oneself) after reaching Yuan Jia group, you can enjoy the stage that confuse fetch, the world the marvellous spectacle such as the first bridge, experience the brings us infinite charm of nature, the king that peak forest goes to by the car after - area of scene of the emperor hill visits a guest to be able to multiply the emperor hill at one's own expenses telpher and downhill 54 yuan / person) , watch main tourist attraction: Stage of name a person for a particular job, on the west peak of pen of park of dragon of station of the sea, weather, congratulate, Yun Qingyan, drive, fairy loose cotton, lie the scene such as Long Ling. Visit 10 lis of gallery (the guest can multiply a light course trainset at one's own expenses one-way 23 yuan / person, go back and forth between 33 yuan / person) : Appreciation picks medical old person, wait to Wang Guanshu. Free bubble foot. After Chinese meal, attend the movie by the car " lotus is pressed down " film ground lotus town looks round, inn of corrupt of Mi Dou of scene of river of view fierce hole, visiting Liu Xiaoqing. Go to by the car next (Cheng of car of 3-4 hour left and right sides) phoenix Gu Cheng.
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