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[send a group every day] glamour sunshine sightseeing goes vacationing 4 evening
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[The 4th day] sunshine - Beijing lodges: The train lies forcedly have dinner: Provide for oneself
Proper motion organization watchs maritime sunrise, experience Yellow Sea the ejaculation of the first sunshine is entered. Silvan park swing, stroll beach of 10 lis of gold, all enjoy briny bath, beach bath, forest bath. Afternoon 13:30 minutes of hotels assemble, freedom of supermarket of seafood local speciality shops, go to a railway station by the bus, send a group (17:5Morrow of 4 minutes of K52 is illuminated / Beijing or 18:3Connect cloud harbor 1504 times 5 minutes / Beijing on the west)
[The 5th day] Beijing
Early 05: 13 or 7: 40 reach Beijing station or west station, the end is happy and itinerary! Return sweet home!
Charge includes:
Train going there and back lies forcedly, between standard of 2 stars two-men, trailer coach of ticket of tourist attraction gate, air conditioning, excellent guidebook serves
Charge does not include:
Travel person accident insurance 10 yuan / person (keep the specified number 200 thousand / person) , have dinner of consumption of natural cell, individual, whole journey
[1] above journey is referenced journey, accurate journey is with giving round announcement please accurate
[If 2] encounters policy sex to move price, allow with adjusting the price after to be

Quote explains:
NO. Summary quotation period of efficacy of cash pledge of person house price
990 160 0 2008-04-01 of 1 adult price comes 2008-12-31 (Zhou Yi, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, sunrise group is significant)
2 children do not hold a bed, do not contain entrance ticket 220 160 0 2008-04-01 to 2008-12-31 (Zhou Yi, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, sunrise group is significant)

Give round plan:
Round date of date giving a group consults quote advances subscription can order a number

[1] seeks advice, sign up can contact with around sale retail sales: Beijing area sells retail sales list
[2] also can contact with Kang Hui total company: Zhang Wei (65877522, 65063790) (Beijing faces south area farming extends the way austral the house large building of 5 Beijing government)

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