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[send a group every day] glamour sunshine sightseeing goes vacationing 4 evening
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[The 1st day] Beijing - sunshine lodges: The train lies forcedly have dinner: Provide for oneself
Beijing station multiplies K51 second 23: 30 trains go to sunshine
[The 2nd day] sunshine lodges: Sunshine have dinner: Provide for oneself
Sunshine midday 11: 54 receive a group (K51 Beijing / sunshine) , on the way the car watchs aquatic sports beauty spot - base of world caique match, the urban sitting room that sunshine people welcomes visitor of China and foreign countries can represent the scene district of characteristic of " of beach of blue sky of sunshine city " , blue sea, gold most- - bathhouse of park of zoology of 10 thousand plain top, the 2nd seawater. Travel of hill sea day goes vacationing area, the experience suits the mankind to occupy a dwelling place most, car Cheng attends park of forest of Luna seaside country about 20 minutes, enter the public house that the seaside is apart from to have tens of rice only inside silvan park. Do a bit rest and after lunch, in the swing in silvan park, experience " Hawaiian place not as good as the soft kind of the beach of " is exquisite, embrace the sea, regression is natural, roam immense forest, suck oxygen to enjoy the cool, stroll beach of 10 lis of gold, enjoy nature to bestow our divine gift - bath of bath beach bath, sunbathe, forest.
[The 3rd day] sunshine lodges: The train lies forcedly have dinner: Provide for oneself
After breakfast (or after lunch) assemble in the hotel, guide by the tourist guide visit the rock with river the biggest north group- - beacon beauty spot, stone tablet stone is faced east, in order to watch the sea, the Guan Haiou on cliff beach plays, strange beautiful Feng Guang is watched on reef; The 2nd big coal of far view China is special output harbor - sunshine harbor. Visit the Asia's largest aquatic sports base- - on water the first aquatic sports of countrywide met beauty spot 2007 match base, according to the guest the requirement can choose to visit sunshine coastal waters of one's own accord exclusive isle- - peach blossom island (30 yuan / the person provides for oneself) or by luxurious houseboat maritime sightseeing (50 yuan / the person provides for oneself) , visit the conference sitting room of sunshine- - park of zoology of 10 thousand plain top, house of visiting sunshine naval battle (30 yuan / the person provides for oneself) , when happen in island of sunshine stone joint of bones with period of gold of the Song Dynasty naval battle of famous Home Chen island is setting, show a paragraph of little-known history to the tourist, watch naval battle wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation, recall faithful bone clank, in the power that act vigorously of the derive in a long time ago history takes, still can ascend tide tower by elevator at the same time, look down at from altitude the blue sea of sunshine and golden beach; Jing Shifan is surpassed, beacon is watched in the sea, watch sunshine gigantic harbor, experience 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings of the sea, visit the Asia's biggest musical fountain square, aquatic sports of first whole nation was met 2007 advocate assembly room. (visit time to be a long time, )
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